Vintage Fairs

Some pictures from 2014 events:

Some pictures from 2013 events:

Read about the events.

5 thoughts on “Vintage Fairs

  1. Andy says ‘oh my god’ he is referring to the website name! I say ‘I love it’! It’s very….you!! The website looks beautiful and if I was getting married now, I would definatley order one for my bouquet x I hope your new venture goes well x Clare

  2. An absolutely delight to see you yesterday at the Vintage Fair in Rayleigh in Essex. Truly beautiful finery’s. Like Clare if I was getting married now I would definitely order one of the gorgeous Button Bouquets. 🙂 Good luck in this new venture 🙂 Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane, I look forward to seeing you make the dress from your new pattern your brought from me. After all I want to put my order in when your ready so you better get going! x

  3. It was wonderful to see you and your in- laws yesterday. Was my first vintage fair but will not be my last. When my are is better I shall be attaching my lace collar to my cardigan. Xxx

    1. So pleased my piece about my tablecloth collar has inspired you to do your own. You have to send me a picture when you have made it. The lace you brought is so nice, it’s going to be fab. Welcome to the world of vintage fairs! Was so great to see again x

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