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Mrs Fox over all

I am a real girl. For me loving vintage is about the feel of the fabric on your skin, that distinctive musty scent of a well thumbed book and the excitement of holding an old photograph in your hand, seeing a long forgotten memory captured and preserved. That’s why one of my key aims is to share as much physical media directly with you as I can rather than relying on images found on familiar search engine results.

It’s all about the treasure hunt.

Mrs Fox –Β 2013

2 thoughts on “Blog aim

  1. Lisa, this is such fun to browse thru your website. I’m Cindy, Victoria’s cousin from the US. Your Father-in-law told me about it. My husband and I do historical reenacting, so I find your things very lively and useful. I will share it with other reenactors that do the 50’s – 60’s period. So glad to have you in the family!

    1. Hi Cindy, hello!!!!
      So pleased you like the blog and what an odd way to meet you but yet great! I didn’t know you did reenacting, I think I may have to get some information from you and see some photos.
      I knew I was meant to be a ‘Fox’ x

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