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In Retrospect Magazine Review

I’m a big fan of a good magazine (I can’t say no to a glossy) and love taking time out to read them. If they have also have a vintage twist then it’s a win win!

So when I came across In Retrospect magazine I knew this needed to be added to my reading list and shared with you all. Run by full-time vintage enthusiasts accompanied by the tag line, ‘A modern magazine for old fashioned people’, this great magazine is now in its fourth issue – the question is why has it taken me so long to discover it before now?

To make up for lost time I have spent a number of happy hours reading the back issues of In Retrospect along with the current issue, number four.  With a new baby now in our household the magazines have given me something interesting to read in the early hours of the morning!

The writing for In Retrospect is funny, quick, easy to pick up and read, along with being jam packed full of history, vintage fashion and witty banter. I really enjoyed the guest pieces, with headlines such as – Feminism vs Vintage, Bunny Yeager: Pin-up perfection and Creating Nostalgia! photography by Jez Brown.

This is not some run of the mill, everyday magazine. It’s been put together by people who are clearly passionate about the vintage lifestyle. Many of these pieces really made me think and let’s face it, you can never stop learning about the past, that’s the joy of all things vintage.

In Retrospect covers a wide range of topics and the layout and photos made me want to bookmark many events and check out some vintage inspired sites I had not heard of before. This is everything you want in a good read.

Other highlights I read over the four issues included:

This fashion shoot with a Vivien of Holloway dress which has been styled so well I didn’t even noticed it wasn’t vintage and I like to think I know most of the stock from this shop!

Vivian Maier: Lost & Found photography, this piece was about John Maloof who brought a box of negatives which ended up holding some of the most wonderful street photography by a Vivian Maier in the 1950s.

Manifesto of the Retrospective Life – this was refreshing to read. A whole page in print about vintage being for everyone and we shouldn’t judge others if they don’t quite make the cut in the way you think they should. How nice to read a magazine which is about encouragement and welcoming people and not judging and dictating. Well done In Retrospect!

The piece which stood out the most however was: What the hell is ‘Vintage’ anyway?! Which covers when you should use the words – ‘antique’, ‘classic’, ‘retro’, ‘reproduction’, ‘vintage inspired’, ‘heritage’. It was a pause for thought. It’s clear I use the word vintage way too much when I could use something else which maybe more fitting!

So as I’m sure you can tell I was impressed with In Retrospect and will be hinting to the wife for a subscription as a gift, or I may even treat myself (after all the nappy changes I have done in the last few weeks!).  After all it’s great getting post every month and learning something new!

Have any of you out there read In Retrospect? What did you think?

In Retrospect sent me the copies of their wonderful magazine for an honest review. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to read issue five!  

2 thoughts on “In Retrospect Magazine Review

  1. I’ve never heard of In Retrospect – it looks well worth a read. That Vivien of Holloway dress is lovely and it has given me an idea for a bow belt for my Horrockses dress which I’ve always felt needed something to ‘finish it off’. Thank you.

    1. It really is, you will enjoy it.
      As for your Horrockses dress do send me a photo when you wear the finished look, would love to see it.
      I own two Horrockses dresses however they are way to small for me but they are lovely! I can’t part with them x

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