There’s a new Fox in town!

As many of you who follow my blog regularly will know, in the last few months Mrs Fox’s Finery has been taken over with stories of the wife and I’s first baby – Cub who was due in October. Hope you haven’t minded the baby updates; I just can’t help it!

Last Monday our family of two turned into three (a little earlier then we had originally anticipated) and our beautiful daughter was born. I couldn’t be happier (ok I would be a little happier if I could get more sleep).

Amelia Frances Rose Fox

The wife was amazing and Amelia is perfect, everything we could dream of and more. I can’t get over how small she is!

Yesterday she was a week old and oh boy have I learned a lot in that week!

My key learning points:

  • When people told me to get my sleep in while I could they were not joking! Our little one likes to sleep in the day and be wide awake at night. Who knew you could live (sort of) on two hours sleep? It’s also a bit frightening how quickly putting washing on before 5:00 becomes normal.
  • As she is so small all the baby clothes we bought for Amelia are far too big so ‘dress up’ hasn’t really began yet, much to the wife’s relief! That said I have managed to get this pretty M&S dress on her which I think looks adorable on her and very vintage. I’m of course biased as I’m one of her Mummy’s; it sounds nice to say that – Mummy.
  • People have been extremely generous with gifts for Amelia which has been so lovely. All very thoughtful and quite a few which have been home-made with love. Here are just a few:

This wonderful knitted rabbit was made by a friend’s Mum and I can’t stop looking at it. I want to name it but the wife said that’s Amelia’s job when she is older.

These lovely pieces were made by a friend who sent them in the post for Amelia – I do love getting post. I’m looking forward to her being big enough to wear them.

This picture was created by my amazing brother-in-law and is based on the wife and I’s wedding invites. It will be going in Amelia’s room.

Other learning points have been:

  • Re-watching Gossip Girl has saved me when I’ve been up at hours I didn’t even know about before Amelia! Judge all you like, I love the fashion in that show.
  • Bringing up a child makes you worry about everything!
  • The small things are amazing, like bath time and brushing her hair.
  • Having a child puts all other issues into perspective. They simply don’t matter as much.
  • You truly fall in love with your child and the family unit you create and become very protective.
  • I have another level of love for the wife who carried out daughter for 8 months, looked after her and gave her an amazing start in life. She is my rock and the hub of our family unit.
  • Being brought food and shopping by the mother and father in law has been priceless this first week.
  • Visitors who bring cake are always welcome!

The list could go on but the main thing I’ve learned is there is clearly a new Fox in town who is running the show in our house. The wife and I don’t mind as we love her so much and who needs sleep?

Below is another dress I have made for Amelia but it’s a bit big at the moment!

I can’t wait for all the adventures we will have as a family and of course getting in as much vintage theme trips as I can get away with.

Image from a homemade card I was sent

P.S. Amelia says hi, she has been sleeping on me as I wrote this piece.


22 thoughts on “There’s a new Fox in town!

    1. I like to think so! I just can’t wait for her to be big enough to fit into all the things we brought her however it has meant I’ve been able to go out and buy more!
      As for sleep, I’m hoping as I could really do with some. X

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the world Amelia! She is so gorgeous and I can see that she already has good taste in clothes, like her mum! My son was born at 8 months and now he’s 18, enjoy her while she’s small – they grow up so fast! x

    1. I can’t believe you have an 18 year old son!!!!!
      Thanks for the welcome to Amelia I’m planning on keeping all these messages so when she’s older she will have a history of all this X

      1. Thank you, he keeps me young at heart 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing Amelia’s vintage wardrobe grow over the coming years, I’m sure she’ll be a very well dressed young lady! x

    1. Thanks! It’s funny before Amelia I never got why people showed off so many photos of their children -now I do! You just want to tell the world you have a new person in your life who you think is amazing! X

  2. Amelia is one gorgeous baby. She’ll never run out of fabulous clothes to wear, will she? I can only imagine the adventures she’ll have… With her knitted rabbit by her side!
    Huge congratulations.

  3. Congratulations on your tiny pretty girl – she’s adorable 🙂 I love the selfmade gifts you got. That bunny is way too cute, as well as the little jacket and shoes.

  4. How absolutely thrillingly wonderful! she is utterly gorgeous…just totally bowled over for you and yours! Enjoy..I always thought the sleep deprivation was the yin of life, balancing that incredible high.. xxx

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