B for Brooch Bouquet

It’s always nice when a friend asks you to be involved with their wedding. I’m a big fan of weddings (as many of you already know) and after having my own, which took two years of my life to plan. I always jump at the chance to get my nose stuck into a wedding when I can, as I miss it!

So when the lovely Helen asked if I would make her one of my brooch bouquets I was not only touched, but really honoured.

I really enjoyed the process of making the bouquet for Helen as I was given plenty of time and we got to go to the local vintage fair together to get some ideas of what Helen liked (I also managed to get a coat in the process). Before this I had no idea how much she liked pearls!

I searched for the pieces at any place I got the chance, car-boots and more vintage fairs. I don’t really buy on-line as I like to have the brooch in my hand and get an idea of how it would work in the bouquet.

Then before I knew it the bouquet was finished.

I was so pleased with the result and am happy to say so was Helen.

Jennifer Langridge Wedding Photography

Here are some photos of Helen on her big day with the bouquet in action! These are courtesy of Jennifer Langridge Wedding Photography! Amazing photos which captured a wonderful couple who had the theme of beer and bikes…..

  Jennifer Langridge Wedding Photography

Jennifer Langridge Wedding Photography

Helen’s dress was from the one and only Fur Coat No Knickers (it looked amazing on her) paired with a hint of yellow in the form of some very high shoes.

Jennifer Langridge Wedding Photgraphy

I was so pleased I could be part of Helen and Chris’s day, plus Helen has something she can keep. Thanks Helen for asking me and thanks to Jennifer for making my homemade bouquet look wonderful. X

13 thoughts on “B for Brooch Bouquet

  1. How beautiful that looks like my perfect wedding! I love the brooch bouquet I made a dress for a bride once whose husband to be made her a brooch bouquet I will find the link to the pictures I think you would love it! x

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