Following the 1960s dress I made myself earlier this year I thought I would try and make a mini dress for baby cub, vintage style. After all they are just a bit smaller, what could possibly be so hard?

I bought the pattern from John Lewis, along with the fabric, which I found in the sale (the joy of working off Oxford Street means I can always spend money as soon as I come out the office. Joy for me, despair for the wife). I went for a fabric I thought I could get away with in the winter with layers, it was so cute I couldn’t resist, not that I am known for my willpower.

My wonderful sewing teacher showed me how to follow the pattern and then, in her true, ‘tell it like it is’ style, decided a lot of it needed changing!

She came up with the idea of ironing on interfacing to the top half, both front and back. This was such a good idea as it gives the top of the dress a more solid shape (she is always right).

We also cut out the front and back for a second time and in place of a collar, sewed in full lining. This resulted in all the sewing being hidden away on the inside. Very posh I say!

I found the lining in the inside hard to do as I wasn’t sure how to sew it without showing on the right side of the fabric. In the end I went my style and made a feature of the sewing on the outside rather than trying to hide it. After all I spent most of my time unpicking this dress than putting it together, but I guess that’s how you learn!

Just when I thought I had finished, my sewing teacher said I needed to hand stitch the hem. I didn’t enjoy doing this part at all and it resulted in me moaning like a child myself but I got there in the end.

Despite the hiccups I am so happy with the result! It’s not perfect but made with LOVE.

I hope you agree it’s one fab dress for baby cub. I’ve paired it with a cardigan I bought a few months back in the Boots sale with my points! So it was free, even better.

The whole outfit cost £3!!! (If you don’t include the pattern!)

I’ve started another one now….

11 thoughts on “Mini

  1. This is just too cute!! Well done on your make, I’m sure ‘cub’ will look perfect in it! Love the fabric you have chosen too and the cardigan is gorgeous – I want this outfit in my size! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is so cute and the combination with the cardigan, perfect!
    You little Fox cub will definitely be amongst the best dressed babies in the UK 😉

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