Highs and lows of nursery planning

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog and I’ve been busy sorting out baby Cub’s nursery. I know I said I wouldn’t talk much about Cub on this blog but it seems I couldn’t help it. I think about her all the time and everything I do is based around her (is this the start of motherhood?). So here’s a small update if your interested!

I’ve made a cloud mobile by following a patten in my trusty Liberty Book of Sewing, using fabric from John Lewis, which I saw and thought would be perfect. I also added parts of a broken necklace for the rain drop effect.

Don’t worry it’s not going near Cub’s cot (health and safety and all that!) but it adds a little charm to the room I think.

I went to a car boot sale the other week and was spotted by a close friend. After showing her what I had bought she looked at me and laughed, saying my shopping habits had already started to change – I had bought two vintage M&S baby dresses and an abacus – nothing for me! (Unheard of, my wife still hasn’t regained consciousness!)

I’ve finished my first baby sleep bag, under the watchful eye of my sewing teacher and have already bought fabric to make more – it was easier than I thought it would be!!!

I created some flower bunting (again idea from my Liberty book) which I thought wouldn’t take long and do in front of the TV, oh boy was I wrong. It took nearly three weeks, fitting it in-between other life stuff, but I am so pleased with the end result. I now know what the phase ‘labour of love’ means.

We went to the Ladybird exhibition in London to get Nursery inspiration and I walked away with a lovely picture of 7 ducks.

I couldn’t find the coloured frame I wanted to go with the picture so with a pot of tester paint (we already had) I got to work. I think I did OK on the colour match even if I do say so myself.

I used some Liberty fabric I had bought earlier in the year to make fake curtains for the nursery and somehow a metre was just enough. Thank goodness as it was £22.50 per metre!

So as you can see I’ve been busy making pieces for Cub and getting the nursery ready for us as a family. I also put up the cot with help from the father-in-law, which made me very proud.

However in-between all this I’ve:

  • Woken up worried we haven’t bought anything practical yet!
  • I still haven’t read the baby book I promised the wife faithfully I would.
  • We haven’t packed our hospital bag (we have a small issue that we can’t agree on one we both like). Although the wife may have a point when she says that the bag isn’t actually for me.
  • I worry when Cub doesn’t kick for a bit and harass the wife to call her midwife and threaten to make her go to hospital.
  • I count down to our antenatal classes so I can in fact learn what the hell we have let ourselves in for but then worry if no one likes us!
  • I read true stories in glossy magazines I would normally just look at pictures in (!) and cry about the bad things which have happened to others and the whole time think I hope this doesn’t happen to Cub.
  • When picking up the paper I count the number of bad stories and think what are we doing bring a little one into this world, thoughts I have never had before.
  • I stood outside the train station on the way home from work and witness a young lad beat up a man and feel lost and scared.

It’s like the world knows what’s going on in my head I get two signs that stop most of the worry.

I see the below display in M&S on my lunch break and start to well up (anyone would think I’m pregnant), with happiness.

I see the evening paper that day with the headline ‘Crowd Lifts Cab To Rescue Women’ and am so pleased to see a positive story showing that there is good in people, I start to feel better.

So you may not believe in signs, in fact I’m not sure even I do but I’m taking these two as indications that I’m OK to carry on crafting for Cub and the rest will sort itself out. As for the wife she is doing a great job of looking after Cub, and putting up with me, the other baby of the family.

20 thoughts on “Highs and lows of nursery planning

  1. I can’t believe how much you’ve done already for bubba cub – she is going to have the best room, the best clothes, and the best parents ever! FACT!
    Hope V is doing well
    Love to you both

  2. Oh wow that baby is going to be so lucky.Not only will she have a lovely room and beautiful things made with love, both of you obviously will love her to bits. I’m sure its perfectly normal having the thoughts about how horrid this world can be but there is so much good in it too…as you two prove.:))

    1. Thanks for the kind and reassuring words. It’s crazy how much your mind wonders when a baby is due in your life! Still have lots more I want to make its just getting the time, next is a dress. X

  3. Loved reading this about the baby. one lucky baby and soon to be parents. My daughter is expecting her first child in October.

  4. That bunting is absolutely beautiful. I’m not surprised it wasn’t a quick make! What a lucky little Cub she will be. Please stop worrying! Avoid those true stories in magazines and go back to just looking at the pictures!

    1. I may have to make some more of the bunting as I was pleased with the end result, a perfect craft job to make with left over scraps of fabric.
      Glad you have given me the go ahead to look at pictures only again, Pinterest and Instagram here I come!

  5. Wow, you’ve done so much already. That sleeping bag looks adorable – did you have a pattern for it? I’m in the middle of doing a little felted Winnie Pooh mobile, though it’s not quite made for the hands of a baby either 🙂 Keep up the good work and the worrying part is ok, as long as you still can’t wait to have your baby 🙂
    Greetings from Germany,

    1. My sewing teacher got me the patten for the sleep bag but gave me a really good tip at just tracing the size I wanted onto tissue paper so I can then use all the sizes in the patten as little one gets bigger!
      Would love to see your mobile when you finish! Sounds like your busy also! Hope your well x

  6. Ahh I am sure all your worries are completely normal….well I hope so I have them too I am not sure about the other half I think he probably has them secretly! I am glad to have a whole new room to decorate I think it takes my mind off of everything else. Your little cubs nursery looks beautiful she is going to love it! x

    1. I know what you mean about keeping busy! Our little one is now going to be with us earlier than first planned and so I have gone into full sorting mode! Saying over and over “We need to clear out all the rubbish” The issue is – it’s all mine!
      Hope you are keeping well and nursery planning of your own is coming together. x

      1. Yes first of all I need to empty it of all my stuff…we are doing a car boot on Sunday! I am looking forward to choosing wallpaper. When is your little on due is it soon? x

  7. Try to stop worrying so much; you’re showing how much you care in all that you’re doing. Some things are just beyond our control. Cub is a very lucky little person xx

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