Vintage day trip to Margate

As the song goes, ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’, and so does the wife. So last week we made our way with the in-laws to Margate in Kent for a family day out.

The wife was hoping for a nice hot holiday abroad this year but it hasn’t worked out so the Kent coast has had to be a replacement! Isn’t she lucky to have me!!!

I had read that Dreamland had re-opened and was keen to see what it was all about. Sold as a vintage pleasure park they have done a great job of making the place nice and new with a vintage twist.

The colours are lovely and we were welcomed by staff members in vintage outfits which of course I loved!

As I’m not originally from Kent I don’t have any memories of what it was like before but if you want a trip down memory lane they had lots of archive photos around which I thought added a nice touch.

We decided not to go into the park itself, at £14.95 each it felt a little steep as not everything was open. But we checked out the indoor roller disco, the vintage slot machines and shop.


So even not going in you could see and get a feel for Dreamland, without spending crazy money. You can even get married there! That would make some very cool photos.

We managed to pick a great day for the trip, weather wise, so headed to the beach to relax. The wife and bump went for a swim and I managed to dip my big toe in the water (I’m not that brave).

I can’t go to the seaside without having fish and chips so I made sure we got that in at lunch time.

Then I of course managed to get some vintage shopping in with the mother-in-law. I didn’t buy anything but was nice to have a look.

There are a good couple of streets in Margate with vintage fashion, furniture and a cafe so if you are in the area it’s well worth a visit.

We ended the day with an ice cream and me having a mild panic attack because a lady in front of us was letting her children feed the seagulls!! I hate birds so much and this resulted in us having to pack in the sun and resting and go back to the real world.

So that was our holiday! A trip to Margate, worth a visit if you haven’t been before. After all who doesn’t like to be beside the seaside?

6 thoughts on “Vintage day trip to Margate

  1. I remember Dreamland from when I was little – the vintage pictures are a bit before my time though 🙂 It looks much fancier than it did when I was little!

  2. Oh I am desperate to go to Dreamland! It looks fab intact I could even be tempted to get married if it was going to be there! I love the last photo with the yellow background so pretty.

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