Vintage Friends

I don’t know about any of you out there, but I often find being a vintage fan can also result in making some lovely friends. Even if it’s ‘just a moment’ friend, like when your on a train and you see another person dressed in vintage and they smile back in acknowledgement that you both like the same fashion; it’s nice.

I’ve met some great people over the years at vintage fairs, events, not to mention all of you out there. I enjoy talking to people about vintage fashion, history and what got them hooked to start with. A couple of weekends ago, it was no different.

When I found the vintage shop Arnage in West Sussex and got talking to the owner Beverley it was my idea of a perfect trip out.

I came across the shop by chance as I was looking for a health shop for the wife! (I got a little way laid). The window was the first thing that drew me in as not only did it have the word ‘Vintage’ on the door but the 1950s dress in the window display looked very much like a Horrocks dress so I knew straight away this was a place I needed to go in!

I got a warm welcome as soon as I stepped into the shop and set around looking through the dresses (my normal starting point). Not all of them were vintage, which would have normally put me off a little, but what wasn’t vintage was well picked and in good condition. One dress which was from LK Bennett looked like the dress from the movie The Help (I love the fashion in that movie but can’t watch it often as I cry too much).

As I went round I enjoyed the displays and the lay out of the shop so asked if I could take a few photos and before I knew it we were chatting away about our lives.

Me – about the fact I was off to a wedding and wasn’t meant to be shopping but had spotted a vintage children’s section!!!!

Beverley the owner – that she was getting married this year and had just completed a vintage engagement shoot in Brighton. (It sounded great fun).

The talk continued and I was lucky enough that she showed me the photos from the shoot, they were so wonderful and I felt so privileged that she shared them with me. We then talked wedding dresses and I felt like I had popped into see an old friend.

Beverley then went in the back room of the shop and pulled out a really old wedding dress with long sleeves and a waist I could only dream off ever being able to fit into. She explained she had just taken possession of it and thought I would enjoy seeing it. How lovely and thoughtful is that! This lead me on to tell her about the IWM Fashion On The Ration and we went from that to Goodwood and more. If I wasn’t going to a wedding that day I could have stayed hours and talked fashion, history and life with the lovely Beverley over some cakes and tea.

I left with two vintage girls dresses (my first for baby cub) and feeling like I had made a friend.

It was not only great customer service which Arnage offered (which is noticeably lacking in many shops now) but it was refreshing to have been made to feel so at ease in the shop.

So if you are ever in the area you should pop in to Arnage as I just know you will find a friend. x

Thanks to Beverley for letting me take photos of her lovely shop and the chat!

13 thoughts on “Vintage Friends

  1. It was lovely to meet you too… Could have chatted away for ages too.. Thank you for your kind words… I am off to fashion on the ration in a couple of weeks, will let you know how I get on, thank you for that recommendation…
    Hope to see you again soon if not definitely at revival!!!
    Take care lots love Beverley xxxxxx

    1. So lovely to hear from you Beverley and thank you again for making me feel so at home in your shop.
      Really pleased to hear you are off to see Fashion on the ration it’s really worth the visit.
      Loving all your new window displays for the shop which I’ve seen on Facebook they are wonderful.
      Was so nice to meet you and the shop. Lisa x

  2. Thanks so much for this. I live in Chichester but rarely go to Midhurst so hadn’t spotted Arnage. I have a lovely Horrocks dress which I bought when Goodwood ran the Vintage Festival a few years ago so the one in the window would definitely have caught my eye!

    1. It was such a nice dress and I think it was my size which is usually as normally they are really small but I didn’t try it on as I knew I would want it if I did!
      Hope you make it to the shop, it’s a good place to go.
      Your dress you own sounds great!

  3. Another lovely post Mrs Fox! First of all, that dress in the window is totally my style of dress and secondly, they stock brooches – my guilty vintage pleasure!! I’m planning a visit to this gorgeous little shop in a couple of weeks now that you’ve shared this little gem with us

    1. I have to say I like a brooch also! I sorted all my brooches the other week so they are on display on a cake stand! Love to see them when I’m getting dressed in the morning.
      Hope you enjoy visiting the shop as much as I did.

      1. Oooh, I’ve swooned over many vintage cake stands but never bought one as I thought that it would be a shame to have it in a cupboard most of the time. But a brooch stand – now that’s a fabulous idea! 🙂

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