As I went to finish my new blog piece the other night I came across an issue. It would seem not all my photos would load! Ahhhhh.

I’d had a bad end to the day after losing my monthly train ticket, worth just over £300, and so thought it was simply a case of me not loading them correctly. But oh no, it’s seems that turning a blind eye to the notice WordPress had been giving me for some time now about my storage limit may not have been such a cool move! I was kind of hoping it would just go away. I do that a lot with pesky, annoying, things I don’t want to have to think about, it drives the wife up the wall…

Image from the film Populaire 

As you all know I love a photo and most of my blog pieces have at least 6-10 photos (I can’t help that I love sharing photos of pretty dresses with you all) which I hope you all enjoy too but it would seem after two years my free limit is up! I need space.

Image from my piece about doing a vintage photo shoot 

So it turns out that I need to pay for an upgrade to be able to add more photos. It’s not lots of money and if I do about 4 pieces a month (which is around 48 a year) it will cost me about £1 a piece. Which I guess if I was doing a hobby or attending a class it would cost a lot more than that each week. So why then does it feel a lot of money for space?

I’m not that technical and I’m someone who doesn’t like buying practical things. I never buy things I actually need! I wouldn’t have an issue spending that money three times over on dresses that I don’t need (last time I counted I had over 70) but somehow upgrading for ‘space’ seems weird and wrong. I just cant see any rhyme or reason for it! But I know I need it if I want to keep putting photos up!

Image for next piece – Arnage Vintage shop

Space is a funny thing. I seem to need it in a lot of parts of my life at the moment. In my wardrobe, in my head and now in my blog!

I told the wife and her oh so wise and sympathetic answer was ‘just sort it out and upgrade’ – nice and simple. She’s the practical one out of the two of us!

So space I shall have (once I actually stop flannelling around and actually do it). You may ask, ‘Why are you telling us such a boring story?’. The answer is because I am boring (kidding), I was wondering if any of you have had the same issue? Did you upgrade? Or decide not too?

Oh and in case anyone wanted to know it turns out my train ticket was on my desk at work in the end! Like I said I think I need some space, or maybe a holiday, or another dress…….

8 thoughts on “Space

  1. Have you thought of hosting on a photo site and linking to the photos? I don’t think that counts towards your WordPress storage limit, and I’ve had some success using Flickr recently. It’s something like 1 TB for free.

  2. I’ve been here almost two years and still have a fair amount of space left. I think it’s because I don’t use my photos at full resolution as they come from the camera but re-size them smaller before I put them on WP. If you know someone who is good with your kind of computer, ask them to help with this!

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