Bettys – the best tea room in Yorkshire

I had hinted (repeatedly) that we should go to Bettys as soon the wife booked our trip to Harrogate. I’d heard it was great for afternoon tea and so wanted to check it out for myself. After all I do love cake!

The wife, being amazing as always, booked it months ahead and oh my was it worth it. When we got there the queue was going round the block!

The afternoon tea was set in a wonderful room over looking the greenery in the pretty Harrogate streets below; with the sun shinning on the white linen, the tables almost came alive. A piano was playing as we arrived which filled the room with classic songs. It was like stepping back in time.

All the China used said Bettys on it and the menu itself was so pretty and well put together. Details had not been missed.

China from Bettys
China from Bettys

The service was really good, I didn’t catch the name of the girl we had, but she was very sweet and looked smart in her old fashioned uniform of black skirt and white blouse. I do believe service can make or break an outing.

The wife had booked the full works (after all she knows me well!) and I couldn’t wait to start it….

We had prawn cocktail to start with which worked well in my favour as the wife doesn’t eat shell fish so I had hers also!

We were then presented with a small plate of homemade gala pie and salmon. Mmm.

The main event was a three layered cake stand filled with sandwiches, scones and cakes all home made and exclusive to Bettys.

Now egg sandwiches are not for everyone but I’m a big fan and having afternoon tea is a good reason to have them, they were so nice at Bettys and had been filled very full. I was happy.

One of the scones had lavender in it and boy was the smell nice. Sorry the blog doesn’t have a scratch and sniff option!

The cakes at the top were all little pieces of heaven with hidden sugary treats inside them.

You could pick from a wide selection ofย teas. I loved the fact that not only did they offer to top the tea up but they were more than happy to change the tea to another type if I wanted, so of course I did!

I’ve been to a lot of afternoon teas but I was not only impressed with Bettys food, service and style but I felt I was treated really well and got our money’s worth (well the wife’s!). They offered to top up the sandwiches and if there had been anything left we would have been able to take it away.

It was such a pleasant afternoon and I left feeling so relaxed. I am a very lucky girl the wife knows how to treat me. We were given tea as a gift at the end of the visit, a lovely touch.

As I wasn’t ready to let my Betty experience end we went back the next day for a glass of pink champagne and pudding in the cafe part which was also very welcoming.

As it was my birthday I went for a brown bread Sundae.

It’s hard to tell you quite how amazing it was, just make sure you have it if you ever find yourself at Bettys! It was like having bits of a bakewell tart in ice cream which was sticky and sweet. Pure heaven.

I went back to our hotel full and happy.

So in my opinion Bettys is the place to be if you find yourself in Yorkshire. We even managed to bring back some of their signature ‘fat rascal’ scones for the in-laws on the way home, so I would definitely consider myself a fully paid up member of the Bettys fan club. Any of you been?

6 thoughts on “Bettys – the best tea room in Yorkshire

  1. That looks so sooo good.I have been to the Bettys at Ilkley but only had a Yorkshire Fat Rascal.I say Only.It was massive! What a great Birthday treat for you.X

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