Harrogate vintage scene

As it was my birthday at the weekend the wife took me away to Harrogate as a treat. She had been to a hen party last year in the Yorkshire town and knew I would like it so off we went on the train (we were so happy the strike was called off!).

She wasn’t wrong (she rarely is), the place was so pretty and of course full of vintage shops, fairs and history. I was in heaven and was one very happy birthday girl.

We found an amazing vintage shop called Space which was layed out in different sections. It was easy to see everything they had on offer and it was all in excellent condition.

The wife, who isn’t that keen on vintage, thought it was one of the best shops we have been too and loved that it didn’t smell of old people!

I was treated to a very unusual handbag for my birthday from the shop which looked liked a jewellery box.  I can’t wait to work out an outfit to go with it.

You must check out the shops website, it was a finalist at the National Vintage awards for best shop, and I can see why.

They also had a Christian Dior dress on display, well it was for sale but not for a price I could afford. For once I was pleased it was too small for me and I think the wife was too!

When we were in the shop we found lots of leaflets to help us find other vintage treasures in the area!  One was for a Vintage and Handmade fair in the Wesley Centre. It was a wonderful building from the outside with it’s dark brick.

There wasn’t much at the fair, I think they would have been better not to have charged to get in as vintage fairs need the bustle of people to give it some atmosphere. That said we did manage to pick up something small  (more on this in another blog!) and I had a lovely talk with a lady who had homemade some vintage style dresses which I liked. I would have brought one but my sewing teacher has told me not to buy any dresses if I think I can make myself so I left them, reluctantly.

In between all the vintage shopping we went for afternoon tea at Bettys Tearooms as my main treat. It was so amazing it’s getting it’s own full blog piece so the below will have to keep you going for now!

After food we when to Catherine Smith Vintage Fashion shop.

Again this was a very well displayed shop with some wonderful pieces. I fell in love with a large 1950s prom dress which was white with small flowers on it but I couldn’t bring myself to try it as I knew if it had fitted I would have wanted it and it wasn’t cheap! Again their website is well done and you can get a feel of the shop through this.

It’s clear Harrogate know how to do vintage. Ever piece I saw was well presented and given love. As the wife put it the shops felt like the owners had turned them into boutiques rather than a crammed shop full of junk. It made it easier to shop and therefore the cost being a little higher was not off putting.

There was more but we ran out of time!

On the Sunday we went to The Yorkshire Antiques and Art Fair. To say it was posh would not cover it. Like designers were following me this weekend (shame I don’t have the cash to go with it) we saw a wonderful silver flower brooch which was by Christian Dior. It had a spring where the head of the flower was, I really liked it but it was way out of my price range. Part of me felt I couldn’t have paid what they wanted as it may have been pretty but it looked just as nice as some of the pieces I have found in charity shops in the past. I think I will stick with my bargain hunting for now.

I picked up a small hankie for £3 and had a cake – I was happy.

So I managed to get in a lot of vintage this weekend in Harrogate as it was my birthday the wife even let me go into all the charity shops!

So if you havn’t been to Harrogate it’s really worth a weekend away. Did any you do anything nice this Bank Holiday?

14 thoughts on “Harrogate vintage scene

    1. Welcome to the blog! Glad you liked the photos, the shops were pretty and York which is nearby also has some nice vintage shops.
      Hope your planning of your trip to the UK is going well. X

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