Kings Cross – not just for trains

As I travel into London every day of the week, when I think of Kings Cross, London, I think of me working late for another evening and getting the posh train home to get to my bed quicker.

However last weekend I had a wonderful girly day with my best friend Michelle round the Kings Cross area so thought I would share the places we went too.

Brunch at Gilbert Scott 

We started our girls day out at The Gilbert Scott bar within the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The building is wonderfully decorated and every time I looked around I saw something different.

We had fancy drinks with our food. They were non alcoholic as Michelle is expecting a little bundle of love but they were still fab.

I had a very posh muffin with crab fish and eggs while Michelle went 80s throw back – eggy bread!

They didn’t rush us and the staff were really friendly.

I would like to go back for dinner. The dinning room had the longest windows with someone playing the piano.

It was a nice treat.

Art at the House of illustration

Once nice and full we headed to the House of Illustration to see the Mac Connor exhibition. I had seen it advertised in a magazine and knew it would be our thing.

I’m a big fan of advertising artwork from the 1940s and 1950s but hadn’t heard of Mac Connor before. His work was very colourful with some very entertaining captions.

I enjoyed reading all the letters from agents who had commissioned him to do work all typed by a typewriter and posted. Now that is all done in less than 20 minutes over email!

They had pictures of the models posing for the pieces he wanted to create and the stages he worked towards to get the end result.

I of course brought some postcards as I really liked the work.  I’m so pleased I got to see it, there was a lot of reading to do but worth it!

Eat, eat and eat

We then finished our afternoon off with afternoon tea at Drink, Shop and Do. We hadn’t booked so didn’t think we would get in as it’s such a busy place but they managed to squeeze us in and we were grateful.

We had said we just needed a drink and a piece of cake but as soon as we saw others with cake stands full of fun we just couldn’t say no. After all it was a girly treat.

The cakes were delicious and the sandwiches nice and filling, it was good value for money. We couldn’t eat it all, which is very rare for me, and offered us a chance to take the left overs away if we wanted. We didn’t but the fact they offered was a big plus!

If you’ve not been before add it to your to do list. Next time you miss that train and have to wait hours you know the place to pop to if you want to pass the time!

So after all that fun I went home drunk, not from booze but from spending quality time with my best friend and a belly full of amazing food.

A perfect Saturday and no late train in sight!

Anyone of you got your favourite places I should check out near Kings Cross?

6 thoughts on “Kings Cross – not just for trains

    1. They sell cards, jewellery, sweets etc. It’s mainly gifts. They had sewing patterns, fun T Towels and pictures when I went. They may have some of their bits on line. The cake was good!

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