Mars Bar cakes and a wedding

March has been a busy month with a trip to Lille, a friend’s Wedding, an attempt at baking (yes you heard right) and a good old fashioned knit. Oh and of course some vintage shopping!

As my regular followers will know I had just two aims this month. One was to bake something (!) and the other to have a go at knitting. I also wanted to try to have some fun. I think it paid off well.

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I chose to make the mother-in-law some Mars Bar cakes for Mothers Day from The Primrose Bakery cook book. I am no cook at all. I never go in the kitchen and have no idea what most things are used for. I would be hopeless if I was in fact placed in the 1950s! Lucky for me the wife over saw my baking and after my arms hurt from the mixing I was done. The result wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself and the mother-in-law was impressed!

The knitting is going OK, but slowly. You would think that as I travel more than 2 hours a day I would have time to have finished my scarf but so far it’s just looking like a lot of lines on a needle and far from wearable. I really did want to look like a trendy person on the train with my knitting but some how I just havn’t managed to pull that look off (yet).

 Image from Pinterest  

The wedding I went to was fun and I of course had a good dance in my Vivien of Holloway dress as I had a great big skirt on which was perfect for the job. I’ve never worn black to a wedding but I found pairing it with a colour worked well for a winter wedding. I hope you agree:

I got some lovely photos of the flowers from the day as I had helped decorate the jam jars.

I think it was a great ideas of the bride’s and the mix of all the different flowers worked really well.

My handbag I used for the day was from a blog swap I did! Thanks Katie!

As for shopping I managed to pop into my local vintage fair and see some pretty pieces along with buying a suit (blog post to follow!).

And the mother-in-law gave me some of her amazing dresses she has kept for awhile.

I have always loved the red one, it reminds me of Annie!

So like I say it’s been a busy month! As for next month the aim is to do some outfit posts as after all I have lots of new clothes and need to show them off.

Good bye March and hello April. x


6 thoughts on “Mars Bar cakes and a wedding

  1. I love everything in this post! You look gorgeous in your going-to-the-wedding outfit, and that bag is so sweet; flowers are pretty and what a score with the dresses! Well done for achieving your objectives for March – great pic of the knitter!! And as for that mars bar slice……..yum! So what’s on for April?

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post. I’m enjoying doing the month over views as it reminds me what I’ve been up too!
      April is all about shopping and showing off some outfits! Hope you will enjoy them! By the way the Mars Bars were good shame about the waistline!

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