Anyone for a hankie?‏

The other week I went to my first car boot of the year. It was cold but worth it! I managed to get some great brooches for a bouquet I’m making, I’m afraid I can’t share pictures it’s top secret! I also managed to snap up a basket and a few hankies.

I have a habit of buying the same things when I go out shopping. If I start the trip with my first purchase being a dress it’s likely that the rest of that day I will buy dresses only. I could be alone in this random way of shopping but I think as I’m someone who shops with my heart and by my mood. I can often come back from a trip to the shops with a large pile of fabric just because on that particular day I felt I needed some. Well this shopping trip was no different and was all about hankies!

I was drawn to the hankies both times because of the boxes. I am a marketing person’s dream, I’m all about the packaging. I often buy something for the packaging never mind what’s in it. Perfume is a great one for that!

The first set was in a box which had never been opened, it was the pretty little flowers I was drawn to, so much so I asked the seller if they were for sale as they were still in their car!

The second was a box with a message on – now that’s what gets me!

Anything with history and I want to own it, save it and give it a new home. This box made getting up at 6.30am at the weekend worth it.

I washed them all and love the mix I now have.

I think I may try and make something from them.

Pinterest have some great ideas for this, such as this wonderful curtain:

Image from Pinterest

But for now I’m the place to come to if you need a hankie x

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