Vintage Weekend in Lille!

If you haven’t been to Lille then I would add it to your to do list but maybe not if your just looking for vintage shopping!

The wife and I decided to take the trip after seeing a deal to good to resist on euro star and within an hour and fifteen minutes (about the same time it takes me to get to work) we were in France. I’m a big fan of travelling on the train, it’s a lot less stressful and you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get all your dresses in a suitcase as there’s no weight allowance.

We only stayed the one night but got to see plenty.

I had the wife walk for miles to a vintage shop I read about only to find it had closed down (a touch disappointing) but it was in a really pretty part of the town and had some wonderful shops near it.

We found a small market which had books and antiques just near the opera house. It was over priced but pretty.

We went to a guitar shop with a hot dog bar – I wanted to take the wife too as I thought it would be right up her street. It resulted in a heated conversation about my map reading ‘skills’, a 45 min walk and when we got there it didn’t really live up to the hype!

The only good thing was we did find an amazing art space which had clothes for sale and I picked up two dresses and a belt (every cloud).

The buildings are really pretty in Lille and if you have money to spend I image you could go crazy. Along with putting a large amount of weight on as they serve hot chocolate with pure melted chocolate and hot milk!

We went to a market on the Sunday morning like I have never seen! It said it had flowers, fruit and antiques. Well it did have all these things but it was sooooo busy I got really stressed with all the pushchairs, people walking into me and the fact that my french is not good enough to try and barter. But I didn’t manage to get a new coat!

I’m glad we went but there wasn’t a lot of vintage there and what they did have had seen better days.

We had a laugh about the random things we saw and for dinner on the Saturday night we went to an amazing local pizza restaurant which we were turned away from to start with but they took pity on and let us in. The wife was so happy.

I’ve heard they have a famous weekend called Braderie De Lille which happens every September and is the biggest flea market in Europe – I do think I will try and go! Don’t let our random trip put you off going to Lille as there are museums, the opera and trips you can do.

It was perfect for one night and great exercise! Oh and I did have a very nice pancake:

Yes I eat it finished it all - judge away...
Yes I finished it all – judge away…

Have any of you been to Lille?

6 thoughts on “Vintage Weekend in Lille!

  1. Although you didn’t find all you were looking for it still looks a great place to visit. i wish we had a channel tunnel up North. Though I guess we would end up in Norway or somewhere. Not that I wouldn’t want to go there! Love the knitted bike. 🙂

    1. Love the comment it really made me laugh! 😊
      The euro star is great as you can get to places so quick!
      Lille was really pretty and I would go again and as for the bike it was a real find as at first I didn’t even notice all the knitting until I looked closer! 🚲

    1. It was a bit hectic but I rather liked it! I saw some lace you would have liked but it had seen better days, in fact I think you may have been the person to fix that! X

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