February’s Challenge – The Outcome

For those of you who haven’t followed so far I’m doing monthly challenges! Let’s see how February went…..


  • To not drink any booze or eat any cake (this wasn’t going to be easy!)
  • To try and not buy any clothes – unheard of for me!
  • To do some sewing projects and continue having a clear out of my endless amount of stuff.

Reading these back as a list they do sound rather un-fun!

This is how I got on….

I haven’t touched any booze for 2 months now! I’m really pleased with myself as I even went on a Hen weekend and still managed to stay off the strong stuff. Not sure I will keep this up for another month. I miss cocktails!!! A*

The cake eating has continued, I just don’t seem to have any will power over this at all. If I was in the 1950s my larger size would be classed as sexy…. I need to try better.  F for fail!!!

I can’t believe I managed to not buy any clothes for a whole month, ok so I did get some fabric but that doesn’t count! So as a treat I’m looking forward to my trip to France for the weekend and a vintage fair coming up in March so I can make up for lost time. I know really I should try to not shop for another month but ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’ A* for now…

Sewing wise I’ve re-worked a skirt I had which was really nice but was way too long and so have never worn. It was a simple job but was a good practice.


I’ve also started a 1960s dress which I am very excited about and I made the wife’s apron. Not too bad, B.

As for continuing with the clear out – not even touched this. Oh dear…

So there you have it, over all I did ok but for March I want to add some fun! After all it’s spring soon and things seem better when it’s not cold. Plus we only live once and so shouldn’t we make the most of it? So I asked my nearest and dearest what they thought I should do and with their help these are March’s challenges….

Cooking – The wife has asked if I could be a 1950s wife for an afternoon and make something in the kitchen. If you don’t already know I don’t cook! Haven’t done since I met her. So just thinking about this idea is alien to me! She has requested I start with some cakes. Only issue is I really don’t know how I start?

My best friend came up with the idea of me doing some knitting so I have started on a scarf kit I was bought a while back. It’s going to keep me busy on the train to and from work.

The last thing is I need to do some exercise, even if it’s just some dry swimming!!!

So there you have it, another month down and a few challenges coming my way. Anyone tried dry swimming before? x

9 thoughts on “February’s Challenge – The Outcome

    1. I’ve never heard of Be-Ro books, but as soon as I put it in Amazon I can see what you mean. They say a great guide to baking for housewives! I will let you know how I get on.
      One thing is for sure I’m going to be wearing a vintage apron!

      1. Then I better get one then! Thanks for the tips in helping me improve however I do all the washing up in our house so I’m hoping that counts a little towards me being a good housewife!

  1. Aaaagh I don’t really cook either.I did used to make a few very simple things like carnation milk jelly or no bake chocolate mars bar cakes.But its probably been about a year! Look for some very simple recipes ~ maybe a vintage childrens cookbook.:-D Your so good at sewing and making pretty things though.x

    1. Chocolate Mars bar cakes sound amazing!!!
      I think a children’s book is 100% the way to go forward, your right as anything more will be way too much for little old me. Thanks for the kind words about the sewing, I’m getting there. X

  2. The be-ro book brings back lots of memories for me, it was my grandmothers baking bible! Well done with your challenges, I managed to go through January without a drink (well most of it, haha!) but i can’t say the same for February though, or March…oh well. The scarf kit looks fun 🙂

    1. Well done on the drinking! I found it a lot harder than I thought I would. I did crack when I went to France at the weekend – you can’t be perfect all the time!
      So fab you have memories of your Grandmother using the Be-Ro books now I really feel I need to get myself one. I’m going to a vintage fair at the weekend so may have a look out for one.

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