Happy Fabric

I know I wasn’t supposed to be spending any money on clothes in February but I figured that didn’t include fabric…

So when I found myself in John Lewis with endless amount of amazing summer fabrics on sale from last season, I couldn’t say no.

Ok so I went a little bit mad in there but with many fabrics being over half price I couldn’t leave it for someone else.

Also with loving vintage styles they never go out of fashion so it’s a win, win!

Plus the bright colours really made me smile.

You maybe asking – what’s the plan with it all? The answer is I better call the sewing teacher. I’m thinking of making some dresses like the ones below which I lived in all of last year. After all you can never have too much of a good thing!

Get yourself over to John Lewis, and if you do let me know what you got.

To add to the happiness as I wrote this piece I was told by WordPress it’s my 100th blog piece. How mad is that!!!

Hope you like what I go on about! By the way do you have a favourite piece I’ve done or subject I cover? If you want to see more of anything let me know!

A friend of mine went travelling and wrote a blog while she was around the world, when she got back she turned it into a book! I love this idea, it’s a bit like a diary of time.

What do you think – Mrs Fox’s Vintage Diary – it could catch on!

14 thoughts on “Happy Fabric

      1. So sorry to hear that. I know when we were looking for a new home it was a really stressful time so I do feel your pain. When we found the place we are in now we knew it was the one for us and was so pleased to think about all the houses we had lost before hand! Your one is out there it sounds cheesy but really it is. Good luck x

    1. 100 does seem a lot! But it keeps me out of trouble. As for the fabric I was pleased as they were a lot cheaper than normal but I have a long way to go before I have as much as you do!

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