Theatre, cake and love

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines weekend with your loved ones; let the love continue!

I was lucky to start the day with a home made breakfast from the wife as she wore the new apron I made her. I was so pleased she liked it and after watching The Great British Sewing Bee she clearly thinks she is Paul as she congratulated me on ‘patten matching’ the pocket. (I did have a little help from the teacher!).

I had got my hands on the fabric from a small website I came across called Becci Bunny Makes and was so impressed with the service. It was the only site I could get hold of the fabric by Robert Kaufman which I wanted as the wife loves Russian Dolls and it was with me next day!

It came beautifully wrapped and with a free ice cream button also. I will be using her again!

Our treat was a trip to the West End to see a new show called Beautiful based on the life and work of Carol King. I had seen it was on when I was in New York but couldn’t fit three shows in! So when I heard it was coming to London the wife booked it (yes I am spoiled).

The show was amazing. Set in the ’60s and ’70s the costumes were wonderful, the show also benefited from a leading lady who really could sing her heart out and I was so pleased I got to see it. The perfect way to spend a Valentines day afternoon!

I didn’t know much about Carol King before I saw the show. I only knew the song Natural Woman which I like singing on a karaoke night.

As it turned out, I knew all the other songs, I just didn’t know she wrote most of them. It was an inspiring show about a woman’s career in the music world. The song the show was named after, ‘Beautiful‘, is my new anthem.

We also found time for cake in Primrose Bakery, well it was Valentines day after all.


Ok, so I’ve not stopped eating cake but I did only have one!

Did any of you make gifts for someone special?

9 thoughts on “Theatre, cake and love

    1. She wrote both music and words for songs that were sold to other artists in the 60s. For many years she worked with her husband and then in the 70s released her own music. Check out the uTube link as the song is fab!
      Glad you like the apron I was pleased how it turned out. x

  1. The apron is lovely, the pattern matching is so good I didn’t even see the pocket! The show looks great too, I have a Carole King CD and when I first listened I was surprised to recognise a lot of the songs. Great stuff.

    1. I hadn’t heard of her before the show but am so pleased I know of her now. Think I’m going to try and get a book about her life would like to know more. Great work you have a CD of her, thats also on my list as at the moment just have the show soundtrack x

  2. Carole King’s music really was the soundtrack of my generation of women in the US–this musical sounds amazing! And your apron is so perfect–a lovely and thoughtful gift! Great post!

    1. I have a lot to catch up on about Carole King but I’m so pleased I know a little more than I did. There was a lot of people at the show who were really big fans of her. The wife and I were some of the youngest there.

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