I Passed!

Last week I passed my driving test!

It’s only taken me 15 years but I got there in the end. I took my first and (for a very long time) last test when I was 17. I was so bad that not only did I get a big cross for being dangerous but it was clear that there were a lot of other areas I needed to improve on. I just wasn’t safe! I think the main issue was I never really wanted to learn to drive and at 17 I spent most of my time upset I hadn’t got Topshop vouchers for my birthday but driving lessons instead. And so I did what lots of teenagers do when faced with, what seems at the time, to be an insurmountable problem, I gave up. However I have always loved a vintage car!

At every vintage event I go to I can be found making the wife take a photo of me next to a pretty vintage car I dream of owning. If we are out and about and I happen upon a vintage car I will usually take a quick snap of it, and if I see someone else driving one I have a tendency to get a touch jealous – and all the while I was happily unable to drive – mad I know. Nobody said I had to make sense.

So with the wife really wanting me to get it sorted once and for all, and my slow dawning realisation that maybe I do need to grow up and bite the bullet I started lessons (again).

After what felt like a life-time for my teacher – I passed.

We spent the whole way back from the test laughing as we couldn’t believe it.

Now I’ve passed all I can think about is having my own car, every where I look I see them. As I cleared out my magazines I found lots of great pictures.

Images cut out of The Chap, Best of British 

For anyone who follows me on Pinterest I have a board called ‘When I pass my test!’ And would love any of these and the outfits.

So I better start saving if I want to be seen driving any of these beauty’s. For the time being the wife let me buy a key ring and I get the second set of keys to our family car (she is nothing but generous!). I decided to get one with the Queen on and have her as my role model. After all I’m planning to take over the world one day and having a driving license is one step forward.

Any of you have a vintage car?

10 thoughts on “I Passed!

  1. Congratulations!! There’s no stopping you now on your quest to take over the world. Mine might not be quite vintage (1980’s) but I do have a Mazda MX 5 the first of the “new” sports cars. She needs a little bit of work, but she’s fabulous to drive, loves the open road and there’s nothing nicer than beetling down the highway with the top down! Enjoy your new found freedom.

    1. She sounds fab, does she have a name?
      Love the fact you have a car which you take the top down of. I bet you look really happy when you drive her.
      I will let you know how I get on with the freedom – I need to try and learn how to get our car on the drive way to start with!!! X

  2. Congratulations! I am proud of you.:) I’m afraid I gave up a long time ago and prefer to be one of lifes permanent pedestrians. I hope you get your own vintage car.:)) X

    1. I was the same for a long time, I was really worried I could hurt someone if I didnt drive right. If it wasnt for the wife going on at me about getting it sorted I would be joining you as a permanent pedestrian.
      Give it a go, if I can do it anyone can!
      Its nice to have the option now x

  3. Well done. Great pics of you in USA – is it at Orlando? We got some great pics of Lola and the cars at universal too. I did smile at the Hillman minx pic – £159 for a car! You woulnt have to save up too much then!

    1. It was Orlando, good spot! I took loads at Universal Studios outside Mel’s Diner. How long ago did you go? It was so much fun!
      If only I could get a car for that now, I could save that now I’m not spending this month! X

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