Muriel’s Kitchen

Back in December a close friend took me to Muriel’s Kitchen in Soho. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t been before and thought it had my name all over it.

He was right it did!

The cafe / restaurant has been named after the owner’s grandmother, based on Classic English food and the feeling of being at home. All things I love.

With light colours on the walls, coupled with a wood effect which made the place feel almost like a log cabin, I could have spent many happy hours there, watching the world go by. They change the menu monthly which is great if you want to go often and means the food is seasonal. They had a wonderful mix of old and new music playing, not too loud, just in the background, to add to the scene. I was very happy.

Decor wise it’s been done with a classic eye, a touch of fun which makes it have an almost secret garden like feel. There was one table with swings as seats, which I do believe would be worth booking to sit at.

Lights created out of kitchen utensils

Wall paper to die for in the bathrooms and pretty displays dotted around the place to catch your eye now and again.

I also loved the choice of artwork displayed around the space and available to purchase. These touches made me think of a small town in the country, not the heart of Soho, after a busy day at work, which I imagine is what they were going for.

I wanted the Fox picture but it was a little out of my price range!

Food wise I had cheese for starter and fish pie for my main course, it was like no fish pie that I have had before. Creamy, warm and full of nice size pieces of sea food in and wonderful sides. I was too full for desert which is unheard of for me.

I left Muriel’s Kitchen feeling very happy and warm inside.

If your looking for that feeling of being at home when your out then Muriel’s Kitchen is the place for you. As it was December when I last went it must be time to go again and try the new menu….

I wonder if the Wife gets the hint?

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