January challenge – A review….

As you all know I gave myself two challenges in January (rather than a new year resolution). The first was to not drink anything stronger than coke! Well I did it and this resulted in me spending a large amount of time drinking tea. So much so I ran out of my Yorkshire tea bags!

I did find dropping the booze harder than I thought. I have never thought of myself as someone who drinks a lot but there were more than a few occasions when I may have otherwise had a cheeky glass of sherry. I have to admit that I do feel better for not drinking alcohol and think I may keep it up for a bit longer.

The other ‘challenge’ was to have a clear out and try and make use of any old clothes for new projects.

I made a good start on this but as I always suspected that it would be, getting the clothes out of the house was a little trickier. Its one thing to put old clothes in a bag for the charity shop, it’s quite another to actually take them to the charity shop. I really hate getting rid of things but managed it in the end! I think telling you all that I would pushed me to actually do it. I have, in the past, been known to put things in bags to take out, only for them to magically re-emerge in my wardrobe a few days later. I am proud that I actually saw this clear out through.

I also took some pieces to a clothing exchange shop in town Bang Bang (a very cool name), I got just enough to buy a new dress (I’m wearing it in the picture above) and fur collar for work! Facebook followers would have seen this.

I dropped two large sacks of bags off at a charity shop.

I was inspired by ‘Knickers Model’s Own‘ who is wearing clothes from charity shops everyday for 2015 to raise money for Cancer research UK in memory of her mother. If your not following her it’s a MUST!!

A lady to follow
A lady to follow

Image from Knicker’s Models’ Own Facebook page 

I did however end up buying a new coat when dropping off my donations! It needed new buttons and was a little more than I would normally pay but the cut is amazing!

After some sewing it was ready to wear to work:

I gave a few pieces away which ended up being the best feeling of them all. It’s nice to give someone a gift just because. I gave four dresses to a friend’s daughter for the dressing up box and they went down well. The rest is in a pile ready to be created into something wonderful. I have only managed to re-work one item so far, but give me a chance, January’s only just finished after all!

I got this Laura Ashley dress second hand and have had it a few years. I liked the fabric which was why I brought it but it’s never fit as the top part was too small! So I unpicked it and turned it into a skirt! It was a simple job but I don’t think I’ve done too bad. I will show this off in another blog piece.

So challenges taken, tried and I think I did OK. I’m continuing the sorting as a challenge for next month as there’s a lot to do along with a few more.

I’m aiming to not buy any (more) clothes this month – may sound simply but this is me! I have already purchased four dresses, a pair of jeans and three pairs of shoes in January alone (my wife is tearing her head out)! If I want something new I’m going to have to make it!

The other thing is facing up to the fact I’ve put all the weight I lost for my wedding back on! I went on the scales, always the worst part I think. So no cake for me (I’m crying inside).

Let’s see how I do in February. Any tips on how I stop shopping and eating let me know!

Cakes at Juliet’s 

To keep me busy I’m going to get sewing…..can you live on buttons and tea?

How’s everyone’s resolutions going?

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