Travel by train

The January weather is too cold and I think I’m not alone in being fed up with the post Christmas winter chills;  it seems holidays are on everyone’s mind at the moment.

All the magazines are telling you the best places to go, places where it’s hot this time of the year, or there are endless adverts for planning the ‘holiday of a life-time’ in 2015 (if you have the money and holiday time).

However there was a time when going to the coast in the UK was the done thing. When familys would get on a train with endless amounts of luggage to a seaside town for their summer holiday. I was reminded of this when a friend gave me an old calendar of hers with images of 1940s and 1950s adverts from the railways.

I had remarked earlier last year when at their house for drinks how much I liked the calendar and joked that they could keep it for me once the year had ended. My friends husband had remembered and put it to one side for me! How nice is that! See hints really can pay off…

Not only do the images remind me of the huge choice of destinations we have on offer here in the UK, it also made me think of some of my most cherished childhood memories; all the holidays I was lucky to have with my Nana and Granddad.

What’s great about the calendar is it only has one image on each page so is perfect for cutting up and re using.


For those who have a post Christmas January budget, It’s also a great and inexpensive way of getting art in your house. I was lucky, for me it was free!

I picked the picture I liked the best and framed it using a frame I had in a drawer – don’t ask!

And there you have it some new art to brighten up the start of the year and my bathroom!

If you’re anything like me I love to go to the seaside when it’s winter, there can be something quite magical about it, however saying that we are also people counting down to when we are going to book our next holiday aboard!

Have you been to many of these places?
Been on holiday by train at all?

8 thoughts on “Travel by train

    1. I think my bathroom likes the added colour! Whitby is meant to be really nice and home to Heartbeat the TV show if I remember rightly. The wife said its famous for Dracula coming in on the boat and has a goth weekend every year! X

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