On Monday the Wife and I upgraded our Civil Partnership to a Marriage!

As many of my regular readers will know two years ago the wife and I had a very large Gay wedding!! The full works and to us it was our wedding day but in the eyes of the law it was a civil partnership.

When I got wind that they maybe changing the law so we could actually get married, I booked the date in preparation with fingers crossed for the laws to change. I like to plan ahead and it was a chance for a new dress!

The law went through and so our plan of getting married on our anniversary was in place. We were given very clear instructions that it wasn’t a service and we couldn’t have anyone else there – it was basically just a paper exercise. How romantic!

So we decided to rock up and do it on our own, very different from our civil partnership. With the odd nod to our big day a few years ago.

To say it was the most un-wedding possible wouldn’t really cover it! All we had to do was sign and 40 Minutes later we were married. We did it!

It was really important to us that we now have the same rights as any other married couple. Even cooler is it back dates our civil partnership to be the date we got married. This is not to take anything away from our special day in 2013, being with all our loved ones and celebrating our relationship with them, nothing could top that, and we didn’t want it to.

Still we managed to celebrate in style by doing everything you would on your wedding day in our own ‘special’ way:

We took photos outside Rochester castle, as our picturesque background. The wife and I have come to the world of ‘selfies’ a bit later than others but it was fun giving it at go.

I found a car I liked and stood next to it – I look a little mad.

We had cake (well I did!), a take-away piece of banana cake in the car on the way to the hotel.

We stayed in the amazing Eastwell Manor Hotel which was a gift from the in-laws which looked like something out of a period drama. It was so pretty. We checked out the grounds. I had visions of being in Downton Abbey, although the sight of the wife’s scruffy trainers managed to pull me back into reality..



Our room had a four poster bed, we went swimming and had dinner.

Also loved the sherry and tea in the room.

Music was covered in the evening as there was a pianist playing in the restaurant and, being the shy person I am, I requested one of my all time favourite songs to hear on the piano, Misty by Peggy Lee and they kindly played it for me.

So it may have just been an ‘upgrade’ but it now means the wife is really my wife now in the eyes of the law as well as to me!

13 thoughts on “Upgrade

  1. Congratulations.
    It’s great that you made that day special as well (even though nothing could top that gorgeous wedding from 2013 <3) – the signing papers part is always kind of a downer, I guess. So good for you two, that you had some fun dressing up and taking pictures – and having a nice place to stay for diner.
    Greetings from Germany,

    1. Thanks for the hello from Germany Sandy, hope you are well and a happy new year to you.
      Yes our wedding in 2013 was amazing and nothing could top that your right! But it was so nice to be able to make it official in the eyes of the law. Now I have to think of another event to get a new dress!!!

      1. Well, having got married in November I am already thinking about a renewal of vows in a few years… Not bothered about a new dress myself but you can have one for it. Not sure you can wait that long though šŸ™‚

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