Out with the old……

Happy new year readers. I hope you all had a great time over the festive season, spending time with those you love and if you were good maybe you even got the odd present! I got some great bits and bobs ranging from random fabric for my sewing projects to Yorkshire tea bags (it’s my new love – who needs diamonds?) and, as an added bonus, I was lucky enough to catch a really bad cold! This explain why my first post of the year is so late.

So now I’m almost over the cold I’m ready to hit 2015! I’ve decided not to do new year resolutions but monthly plans (in an optimistic belief that this will make me more likely to stick to them). So this month its two things – 1) No drinking anything stronger than diet coke (I need a rest after all the Christmas parties) and 2) Out with the old / make do and mend!

Image from See and Sew by Tina Davis 

So I’ve made a start on sorting my clothes out…

I started with one of my wardrobes (I have two) and it’s safe to say this clear out was long over due! What you see before you is a result of many random shopping trips on my lunch break, vintage fairs and charity shopping. Most of it was purchased simply because it was cheap or I thought I would hate myself later if I didn’t take it home.

I could find only a small hand full of pieces I in fact needed!

I started by trying on all the clothes (and in some case it really was tried!- losing weight will be in another month’s goal) and showed the wife to get her feedback. This was her opportunity to give her opinion/feedback and she certainly did that, usually whilst wiping tears of laughter from her eyes. You see my wife has this annoying habit of thinking that she is the funniest person in the world and takes particular delight in ridiculing some of my more ‘unconventional’ purchases. I think this was her revenge for years of me ignoring her constant pleas to stop shopping.

Then, like they say in the magazines, I made piles of ‘get rid’, sell (which I know I will never get round to doing so really just get rid!) and make do and mend. The only issue with this is I do have form for making piles and then slowly putting clothes back in the wardrobe (I have also been known to hid clothes in the car when they are meant to be on a boot fair stall)!


I’m taking buttons off these and using the trimmings for projects to come.

I’m going to use these old clothes to make new pieces but the wife has said no cushions (another obsession of mine, I think I have about three hundred million).

And some are simply being removed from the wardrobe as they are now part of my fashion history and not what I would wear now.


In this process I found three dresses at the back of the wardrobe which need fixing. I have now pinned all three and finished one already – it felt like getting something new all over again!

So there you have it I’m starting the new year by clearing my wardrobe out and I’m hoping it will help clean the soul and make my morning routine easier. I know one things for sure I have my work cut out for me. Wish me luck!

Any of you want some old crazy clothes? Have you started a plan of action for 2015?

4 thoughts on “Out with the old……

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of dresses, what a treasure chest your wardrobe is!
    But a little bit of cleaning is always good, for me it helps to re-evaluate my wardrobe and by tossing out things I don’t wear anymore I treasure the ones I keep even more. And that I have an excuse to buy new ones is the most welcome side-effect^^
    Curious what you will make from the clothes you decided to turn into something new.I can think of so many different scarfs and bows and collars to add to solid coloured dresses, for example.

    1. I do like a dress! I have a lot more in the other wardrobe!!!
      Thanks for the ideas about using scarfs to add to old clothes I think I may try that as I have a few I was going to get rid of also.
      Your right about treasuring pieces I have a lot of things that I will never wear again but mean something special to me and find I just cant get rid.
      Think its baby steps with the clear out but its a start. X

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