Festive Fireplace

Earlier in the week I popped into my local haberdashery to pick up a zip for a skirt I’m working on. Before I knew it I was leaving with Christmas ribbon and small patches of Christmas fabric that was on offer. I decided there and then that I was going to make Christmas bunting for the fireplace in our living room. After all, the tree was going up so it was only fair the fireplace got some action as well.

Now I do have form for buying pieces of fabric and not actually getting round to doing anything with it, or worse still, I sometimes find myself unwilling to even cut them up. So before I had the chance to fail, and in the process annoy my wife, I got to work.

I know making bunting isn’t exactly ground breaking but any chance I have to use my sewing machine, now I’m getting the hang of it, I’ll take. Also I like doing small tasks, it’s fun.

The job involved very few steps.

1) cut the squares into triangles using my pinking scissors which meant no hemming was needed.

2) use the left-over fabric to make another triangle, as the sewing teacher says never waste any fabric! I think she would be proud.

3) pin the triangles to the ribbon

4) battle with sewing machine as for some reason it wouldn’t play

5) work out issue with sewing machine was my fault!

6) sew along the top

7) place on fireplace and enjoy!

So for a total of 30mins and a cost of £1.40 my fireplace is ready for Christmas. Shame I’m not, I have a lot more shopping too do! Oh well I have some time.

Have you made anything for Christmas yet? Do share? X

2 thoughts on “Festive Fireplace

    1. Thanks Caroline I was pleased I didn’t waste any of the fabric,shows the sewing lessons are paying off!
      The scrabble letters were a gift last year for the tree but I like them on the fireplace. Another thing you could make… x

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