Introducing SW4 Interiors

I’m very pleased and honoured to introduce you all to SW4 Interiors and it’s founder Sarah Wilders. I’ve known Sarah for many years now and when I heard she had set up her own business creating, custom made, one off pieces of furniture; I just couldn’t wait to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed! I first set my eyes on this wonderful chest of drawers she has reworked which had already sold! I could understand why, it is fab, but was a bit sad I had missed out on getting it for myself.

I managed to catch up with Sarah the other week in between her work and got the download on her business, her tips, and the collection so far. Here’s what she had to say…


 Could you tell Mrs Fox’s readers a little about yourself?

The high street is becoming too ‘samey’ and after filling my house with unique and one off treasures I decided to set up SW4 to share my finds and passion with others. Many people do not have the time to trawl markets and antique shops so my virtual emporium brings the best bits to everyone’s fingertips. I am pretty obsessed with all things ‘home’ so also like to share hints, tips and interior inspiration along the way.

What sparked your love for Interiors and up-cycling Sarah?

I have loved interiors for as long as I can remember, the way a room can make you feel when you step inside is an obsession of mine. It started with my bedroom when I was given the freedom to decorate it myself for the first time! I obviously had no understanding of what interior design was back then, but in my own way, that was what I was doing. Although not to many’s taste, with dark purple walls, stone effect paint on the panelling and black doors! I was creating a space that wouldn’t look out of place within a Harry Potter film, complete with old books and candlesticks as finishing touches! My love for interiors grew from there, and here we are today.

I soon realised that I enjoyed taking unloved items and turning them into something loved again, reducing waste and the real thrill, finding a true antique with all its history and making it functional and desirable again. I love having items in my home that tell a story through all the nicks and knocks from all the years gone by. This is why most of my items are vintage or antique. I also love taking items that were made for one purpose years ago and then re-purposing them into something new with a new function, a recent find of mine was a Victorian test tube rack. It had lost its test tubes, probably broken after all these years, so I sourced new ones and it now makes a beautiful and original vase!

Tell us what inspires you?

I have a real diverse, some would say, eclectic, taste, so preserving originality and beauty but also enhancing practicality is my key inspiration. I am always drawn to industrial style pieces, which I love to offset with really feminine, French inspired décor.

As I’m nosey could you tell us about your work space I’m sure my readers would like to know?

My home is my work space. Working within my home provides me with a continuous, real living canvas, and check point for my creations and finds to ensure they work within the home space. However, this is dangerous as some pieces don’t seem to leave!

What’s the aim for the near future with SW4

I hope to grow SW4 and bring my finds to many more homes whilst building a virtual community that shares the same passion.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to up-cycle something?

Go for it and let the furniture dictate the final finish. Sometimes when I start to paint I have a clear plan in my head as to how I want the piece to look and then as I start stripping the paint or adding a wash of colour the wood reveals a finish I couldn’t have imagined! Just go with it and keep building colours or stripping colours back until you are happy…there are no rules!

Annie Sloan Paint


Check out Sarah’s site to see more of her wonderful creations. I hope like me Sarah’s given you the bug to create or make a wish list of pieces you want from her site.

I’m starting with a heavy hint for something like this….

All photos are courtesy of SW4 Interiors 

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