1940s Wedding outfit

This weekend I went to a family wedding and wore my new favourite dress.

I bought it the other week as a winter treat but hadn’t intended to wear it for the wedding, mainly because I thought it was a little casual for such a special occasion. That all changed when I realised not only how comfortable it is but also that I could dress it 1940s style!

An added bonus of the dress was I would have room for eating!

I of course had cake (I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t say no) and the dress was fun to wear.

I can’t believe it was from H&M! I haven’t shopped there for a while but needed some new clothes and came across it. It’s now in the sale so even cheaper than what I picked it up for. I hope you agree it works well with some added vintage touches.

They have it in another colour and so I of course went out and got my hands on that one as well. Do you like mixing old and new up?

I know I do. x



5 thoughts on “1940s Wedding outfit

    1. Thanks, I’ve had it for a few years now, I found it in a charity shop. I thought it was fun and I like buying things I don’t need!!!
      Hope you find something perfect for the wedding. X

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