Queen of Baking and a Wannabe

At the end of October I took the wife to the Bakes and Cakes Show in Islington. There were two reasons for the trip; 1) she has got into baking recently so I thought she would enjoy checking it out and 2) the amazing Mary Berry was going to be doing a cooking lesson.

After watching The Great British Bake Off how could we not spend a Saturday learning from the queen of baking?

I hadn’t really thought about whether I would enjoy the trip. I don’t bake, I don’t cook, my role in our house is to wash up and put away. I am however a very good taster and this is maybe why in the last few months my weight has crept up a little more than I would like!

So full of excitement we stepped into the world of baking….

We started the day watching the wonderful Mary Berry in action. She was so at home whilst baking and talking to the audience that by the end even little old me was starting to believe that I might be able to bake the chocolate log for Christmas this year!

We saw table after table topped with simply incredible cake creations, all made by amateur baking enthusiasts, to be judged later in the day. We met one lady who had driven from Scotland with a Halloween themed pumpkin cake so her daughter could enter. I was glad I wasn’t having to pick a winner as they were so good, although wouldn’t have minded being an official ‘taste tester’. There were also some amazing London based bakeries who had created cakes for us all to drool over.

We had a look round the stalls and took in the range of cakes for sale, the endless plastic moulds and tools you could buy to add to your baking collection and help you made those wonderful recipes you have your eye on.

The wife spotted Mary Berry signing her new book and so I stepped up as ‘wife of the moment’, having already earned a number of (much needed) brownie points for booking the treat, and purchased a book for her so it could be signed. Mary was lovely and really looked so graceful and calm. I hope at her age I’m doing half the things she does!

I even spotted a few vintage stalls which was an added bonus. I’m now on the look out for a biscuit tin like the one my Nana has. I also loved the stall by Hannah Elizabeth where you could create your own cake stands.

I fell in love with these plates created by Debbie Carne of Alijoe designs, I have placed these on my ever expanding wish list.

So over all it was a nice little trip. The wife came away happy with her signed book and ideas for a Christmas list full of cooking bits and bobs. The only downside was we were not there as long as I thought we would be and for the cost of the tickets I was a little disappointed with that.

We then took a look round the vintage shops in Angel but I soon remembered why I don’t shop around there. The prices were crazy money!

Since the trip the wife has made lemon drizzle cake and won the baking competition at her work so it must have been worth the trip to the show!

Do you bake like the wife or are you, like me, more of a taster?

6 thoughts on “Queen of Baking and a Wannabe

  1. This looks like such a great day out. I absolutely love baking so I would have really enjoyed it. Mary Berry is amazing, and seems so much younger than her age. You sound like such a good wife, maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book and take my husband to a fishing show or something! hmmmm.

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