Winter Blues

With the weather changing, and the Autumn leaves falling from the trees, my mind has started to wonder to what winter coat I want this year. Of course the Mum-in-law informed me that a coat should last at least 10 years which is all good and well but a girl likes a change at least once a year!

I tried on a really nice baby blue coat from Miss Selfridge a few months ago and since then I have got it in my head I wanted a blue coat. I dreamed about it for a while and then went back to try it on.

 Image from Miss Selfridge website with a few Mrs Fox touches  

As I went into the store I saw an older lady who was trying it on with her daughter. So we both clearly had the same idea!  I liked it as it looked smart but with a vintage twist and the lining was nice.

Marks & Spencers did a heavy magazine campaign for their winter collection and one of the images was of a really nice blue and white coat with a white collar! Who knew blue was the ‘in’ thing? I had to check it out. By the time I got to the store there was only one left but it was my size…. As I tried it on something didn’t look right. I felt a little like Violet Beauregarde from the 1971 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie.

Image from Pyxurz website

It may have been something to do with it being double breasted high up and because I’m short it just wasn’t a winner but it looked so nice on the hanger!

I then had a break from coats what with New York and all. But when I got back I had a newsletter from Tara Starlet showing their Girlfriend coat. I love their designs and this was no different I knew I was in trouble. I loved it. It was all I had been looking for and more.

Image from Tara Starlet website 

The fabric looked as if it would fly with you as you walked and was something you could dress up or down. The only issue is it’s an on-line shop so I can’t try it on but maybe that’s a good thing as it’s double the price of the others and dreams are for dreaming!

So until I work out how I’m going to get my hands on the fabulous girlfriend coat I will wear my coat from last year. After all the mother-in-law said it should last and I do in fact have more than one! It’s just a new coat every year is a nice start to the winter …..


How long have you had your coat for? Do you get a new one each year?

2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

    1. Let’s hope it goes in the sale but I have a feeling it’s not going too! I did think about having a go at making something like it but I’m a long way off with my sewing skills for that!

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