My first garment ……finished!

I am so pleased (and a little bit proud) to show you all the first garment I have made myself! What do you think?

Your eyes do not deceive you, it’s a piece of clothing that can be worn out in public and was handmade by little old me. I have to say I’m really rather pleased with myself and can’t believe I did it.  OK, confession time, I had a little help…

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will know I was bought a sewing machine for my birthday back in May. Of course I instantly went out and purchased loads of fabric, what can I say I’m enthusiastic! With my new magic machine and my beautiful selection of material there was just one small thing, up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t actually got round to making anything and in truth I wasn’t even really sure where to start. That is, until I started my sewing lessons.

Luckily for me, a friend’s Mum is a very talented seamstress. She is so good I wanted her to apply for the Great British Sewing Bee but she wasn’t having any of it! Which is good for me as I get her all to myself (well for two hours a week) to learn from. She has agreed to pass on her skills to me. I feel so lucky.

Before we started I was given a clear list of items I needed to buy for our lessons and like any girl new to sewing I went to John Lewis to stock up. Getting a sewing patten was a little stressful to start with. I was advised to get something easy but what’s easy when you can just about do a line on your sewing machine!
I have loads of vintage patterns but if honest I only really look at the picture on the front, not what’s inside.

So we began the lessons. I thought we would spend weeks learning all the technical bits but the lovely Rosemary (my amazing teacher) said the only way to learn was to just do it! As we cut into my nice fabric I had bought I hoped I would not mess it up….

So over the space of only two lessons (and a little homework) I made my first four piece pattern top.

I’ve learned how to cut a pattern out, how to shout at my sewing machine when the front doesn’t look like the back on a line of sewing, I’ve got the hang of Taylor tacks (there is no way I would have worked that out from a pattern myself), I have got good at un-picking so I can start again, I’ve learned how to add interface into a piece of clothing and more importantly what interfacing even is!

I know to keep the ironing board out when sewing as this is Rosemary’s key tip, to always iron as you, go but the main thing I’ve learned is how kind and generous people can be, not only with their talents but also their time.

Rosemary didn’t have to spend a total of four hours of her life to help me make a new top or pass on her years of knowledge but she did and I feel so honoured that she has.

Do you have any sewing tips you can pass on to me?

Rosemary plans to teach me how to make a bag next. I better get practising x

7 thoughts on “My first garment ……finished!

  1. Lovely top and you picked a great fabric for this!
    My only tip for you: sew what you want to. I can’t understand why people produce loads of pillowcases when they don’t want to sew them. Don’t be over-ambitious, but sewing is, as you experienced, no magic and with patience and the right equipment it’s fairly easy and fun.
    Oh, and another tip: If it gets complicated and you make a mess: hand-sewing! Easier to control, slower and in the end you have a result you are more satisfied with than something you had to unpick five times and still didn’t get perfect. I still hate my machine-sewn zippers, so I hand-sew them until I manage to do them properly.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful tips you sent me. You have a very good point about hand sewing, there is something very relaxing about it I find. I have not enjoyed the un picking from the sewing machine but I feel it must be done to improve!
      As for the fabric I do have a nice little collection of old and new so looking forward to using it. I have to say the first time I cut into fabric I love I get a mix feeling of excitement and worry. X

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