A 1940s day out

Last weekend the wife and I went to The Historic Dockyard Chatham for it’s Salute to the annual ’40s weekend. We haven’t made it before so thought we would check it out. I am mainly a 1950s fan but the last few years I have got into the 1940s style more.

It was full of vintage vehicles, people dressed up, performers, vintage stalls full of goodies and street recreation of the 1940s. To top it off before we even got their the wife said she would dress up (almost unheard of) and she looked great! I wore one of my new dresses from New York.

We wandered around the 1940s village which had been created, I loved this mood board which had 40s fashion on it – if I could get away with it I would have these all over the house!

Keeping with the fashion theme we watched a Make Do & Mend fashion show and got to see some great outfits.

I did a little bit of ironing to earn my lunch.

Took in the action and enjoyed the entertainment happening at the different stands.

Checked out the vintage stalls but I was very good for once! This may have a lot to do with my credit card still getting over New York.

Made time for some tea, which is always a must!

And above all got to spend some vintage time with the wife.

Do you like dressing up for a day trip? x

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