Vintage shopping in the big apple!

I’m very lucky to have a best friend who also likes vintage/second hand shopping. I am also very lucky that she agreed to set aside all of the Saturday we were in New York for some serious shopping – Yankee style. We shopped until we dropped and in fact we didn’t limit ourselves to just Saturday!

Beacon’s Closet was a shop we stumbled upon by chance and oh my was it large! We really had no idea where to start. With a mixture of vintage and second hand high street labels in a space which looked like a large warehouse I was in hunting heaven. The only way to work through it all was to roll up our sleeves and start with dresses slowly working our way through!

We both ended up with some great pieces. I got my hands on some amazing black and white shoes, which Michelle found for me, along with 3 dresses. One of the dresses was a tight black evening dress which I felt really sexy in (which is not something I normally do) however when I got home I washed it and it’s shrunk – I was sooo upset (I still haven’t forgiven myself, or my washing machine).

New York Vintage  was another shop we found by chance when our map reading went a little wonky. It was the highlight of all the shops we visited in New York. It’s hard to sum up in words just how out of the world this shop was but in the words of Dorothy “We were not in Kansas any more”. The vintage items were wonderfully laid out and everything looked newer than the day it was first made. They had an incredible collection of pieces and there didn’t seem to be much under $3,000, yes you heard me right! I saw a fab coat I liked and saw it was vintage Channel at $3,800 – I had died and gone to heaven.

After coming home and looking up the shop it turns out it’s the key place for the stars to get their vintage fashions for the red carpet.  I was so pleased I got to go and you never know one day I may get to buy something from there if I win the lottery!

On the Sunday I went to Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market to see if I could get some bargains while Michelle was catching up on work. I loved the fact the city seemed to be over looking the stalls of junk and took this picture which showed the action.

I didn’t buy a lot, a few sewing patterns, an old vintage magazine and some fabric but with the sun shinning I was very happy to just potter and take it all in a little more New York magic.

I also came across an old scrapbook which I enjoyed looking through which seemed to contain highlights of a woman’s life. I found it sad that it had ended up at the market but I hope someone took it away to research into it more.

Family Jewels vintage shop was a shop Whitney from blog Little Heap Vintage told me about and I was glad to have the chance to check out her recommendation..

The shop was full of lots of goodies and I picked up two dresses which resulted in me having to get Mr Credit card out for, I did eventually tell the wife when I got home but had to make sure she was in a good mood first! Thank goodness she missed me when I was away otherwise I might have been in big trouble. Pictures to follow in posts of the finds. The owner was also really nice and made me feel very welcome.

In God We Trust was a shop we had on the list of places to visit, it was really random and had some fun jewellery. I bought a friend a Dolly Parton candle!

When I saw the below sign I knew we had found a shop I would like –  ‘Junk‘. Why I love junk!

True to its name this shop really was full of junk with all sorts piled on top of each other. Luckily things were still easy to find and I am a girl who loves a rummage. We didn’t buy anything but if I did live in New York it would be a place I could easily get hooked on going to every week just to see what was new.  I loved Brooklyn – I could very happily live there.

So as you can see we were very busy ladies and packed a lot in, we did go to more places but these were the main ones for me. I hope the over view comes in handy if any of you are off to New York!

After all the shopping I am now broke, I better get saving for the next trip! x



4 thoughts on “Vintage shopping in the big apple!

    1. That’s so fab you have been their also. I loved how much stuff they had and how they grouped it together. I could have spent hours looking around.

      So pleased we found that area it was so cool. Want to go back! X

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