Knowing who you are

A few years ago I went to Necker Island. If you haven’t heard of it lets just say rates start from around $27,475 for a seven night stay for two people and if you like you can hire the whole island if you have more money left over!

I won the holiday through my old job and before I knew it I was hanging out with some lovely (and very rich) people. After a fun week of drinking, singing and sports (oh yes I had a sailing lesson!) we were on the speed boat back to the airport. As my friend and I waited for the small plane to take us back to the main airport we waved good bye to some of the guests we had been with all week, as with many holidays we swapped numbers and said we would keep in touch. As I watched one couple be picked up by the pilot of their private plane I woke up from the dream I had lived in for the week, where hanging out with Richard Brandon (or RB as I called him) and having over £100 bottles of wine like water was normal. The fact was for me, it wasn’t.

As I sat on the plane to New York as a ‘world traveller’ (the BA jargon for economy)  enjoying the plane ride and my good seat, until I was offered some wine.

I did ask for some tea as well as the wine (had to have a tea first!). The lady next to me, who was travelling for business reasons said she would get some wine also. As she got the wine she requested a glass like I had, I hadn’t even noticed but I had been given a wine glass.

The steward then said he was sorry but he shouldn’t have given it to me and within moments it was replaced by a plastic cup! The result of this action: a) the the lady next to me went for water in the end and said she hated drinking out of plastic cups for wine and, b) being very English I just joked it was like being at a house party! But deep inside I was a little taken aback.

I mean did it really matter if I had a drink out of the same china as the people in rows in front of me? With the plane not being very full, less than half it wasn’t going to give them loads of washing up!

But the fact is I know my place and who I am.

I’m a working class girl who’s Grandad worked down the mines for most of his life and past his tradition of hard work down to me. I did a paper round from the age of 13 and kept it all though school. Then at college I worked two jobs. Even when I say I’m working hard or over weekends I will never truly understand what hard work is, what my Grandad did, day in day, out to bring up three children and put food on the table was hard work.

I’m proud of who I am and where I come from. As the lady next to me asked what I did and I explained a little she asked what university I went too. When I said I didn’t she seemed a little lost, I smiled and explained I worked my way up. “Good for you” she said. She was right. I come from the school of life and if that means I don’t always get a nice wine glass I know that maybe next time I will. x

Unless when you hang out with the rich, a wine glass is not always needed!



5 thoughts on “Knowing who you are

  1. A really great post, thank you.
    I have experienced similar things. Last year we moved into a house belonging to a very rich couple and never felt home. We moved out last month because it was just not our world. Their laundry basket was always covered with Hermès-towels, each one costing more money than my mother has to live for a whole month.
    Somehow it is nice and lovely, but you never feel really comfortable if it lasts longer than a holiday.

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