Girls weekend in New York!

I absolutely love New York and was lucky enough to have been taken by the wife a few years ago, it was an amazing trip! I got to see one of my favourite singers, a show on Broadway (a life time dream of mine) and it was the place I returned home from as a wife-to-be, with a very large vintage ring!

So as you can image New York has a special place in my heart and I really do believe that it is a magical city. I know I’m not alone in thinking how amazing New York is and the fact it never sleeps is amazing.

We did every tourist thing possible when we were there and although I was exhausted by the end of the trip I didn’t want to leave.

Present day:

Early this year my best friend was awarded the Churchill Fellowship, it’s a big deal and we were all so proud of her.  Her research was going to take her overseas to America and Australia! I couldn’t have been happier for her and thought how brave she was to be travelling so far away on her own. I didn’t mind lending her to the US for a little while as I knew she was going to return to the UK with more knowledge in her field that would only help even more people in the future. That said, when she mentioned that she would be in New York over a weekend in between meetings I knew a girls weekend was a must! So faster than you can say, ‘start spreading the news…..’, the flights were booked (thanks to the wife).

After significant planning detailed in an excel spreadsheet (!), all mainly on Michelle’s side (she is the queen of planning) and some (sort of) planning on my side using Pinterest – (check out my New York Board) I fly out tomorrow to meet her in New York!

I haven’t travelled on my own since my late teens so part of me is scared, will I make the flight on time? Will I remember my passport? But I can’t wait to see her, tell her how proud I am of all of the work she has done so far as part of the Fellowship and to help her enjoy a few days rest.

Michelle and I
Michelle and I

I will report back next week on how we get on but it’s safe to say I cannot wait. The issue is I just don’t know what to pack!

If you have any good vintage tips for New York do let me know. X

If you would like to know more about Michelle’s research check out her blog which is a record of her trip and aims of her research. It really is so moving ART and 2 Sugars  

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