One women’s junk is another women’s treasure

As you all know I love a good car boot sale and finding junk (as the wife so kindly calls it) to fill the house up with, gives me nothing but pleasure.

The result of this little love/compulsion is a three bedroom house which is already full to the brim. Unfortunately the wife wants a spare room to be used as just that which means it was time to have a sort out.  Plus I have started a saving plan and so thought it would be a good idea to part with some pieces I no longer needed.

So the mother-in-law and I got up an hour that should simply not be allowed at the weekend to do a car boot! It was good fun and I got to talk to some interesting people. A personal favourite was an older gentleman who explained that he didn’t want to buy anything from my stall but thought I was pretty so came to talk to me!  Well, what girl doesn’t like to be called pretty before 9am on a Sunday morning?

Once set up and after selling a marble table the wife has hated for years I went shopping to check out what other sellers had to offer. As buying isn’t part of the saving plan I had to make do with taking photos to show you. If I had money and was able to fill the house back up I would have picked up this whole box of tins!

Along with the rest of these fabulous pieces:


After coming back selling a little more and of course fitting in some tea I made sure I got a selfie with the mother-in-law.

Selfie with mother-in-law
Selfie with mother-in-law

The whole morning I dreamed about a tin I had seen to start with but knew I wasn’t able to get it as I am NOT meant to be shopping so instead I went looking at more stalls!


I had to laugh when I saw this sign on another stall….


So the result of the morning was we sold some of my junk and they get to live on in someone else’s home. The other best part of the morning was the wife popped down to say hi and after me showing her how well I had done she brought me the tin I loved.

That’s love x



8 thoughts on “One women’s junk is another women’s treasure

  1. I looked at that tin, but resisted temptation. Didn’t see your stall but I was there later on. I got some lovely bits including a 40’s felt brooch and some great fabric. More old things than normal, I thought!

    1. What a shame I missed you but thanks for leaving the tin for me otherwise I would have been upset! It cleaned up well and the wife managed to get it for the grand total of 25p!!!!

      Your right there was a lot of older bits this month but there seemed to be a lot of house clearances which always makes me sad but if you can give something old a new home it’s nice. X

    1. It was hard not buying it all but the saving plan is for a very special trip I’m going on very soon so had to be good!!! Getting the tin made up for all the other pieces I left behind!

  2. Wow, how were you able to resist this mustard coloured chair!?
    Glad you managed to clear your house a little. I think about doing this for years. Not that I don’t like the stuff I own, but there are so many things I don’t want to throw away, but I wouldn’t mind parting either.
    And the tin is so cute!
    love, ette

    1. I know what you mean about the chair, it would have looked great in my living room but the wife would have killed me!

      Clearing out was easier than I thought it would be, plus with the money I made I brought an amazing prom style dress for New York so worked out well!

      However I still have a lot of things I can’t part with! I think it’s the love of old things which stops you parting with stuff just in case you need it one day! X

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