John Lewis goes Vintage

The wonderful John Lewis celebrated 150 years of trading last weekend and in true John Lewis style they held a weekend of events and a special collection released to commentate the occasion.

I’ve had a close eye on John Lewis since last July when they created 4 dresses for the Coronation Festival using sketches from their archives.  They were on display in Oxford Street and I of course had to get a look at them. I fell in love with the blue dress and dreamed of winning a competition they held with Hello magazine to get my hands on one as they were not for sale. I think it may have been the one time I have ever bought Hello magazine!  Of course I didn’t win but all is not lost as they did say they may create them for sale at a later date.


I have been on the look out for them ever since. As soon as I heard they were celebrating 150 years I knew the dresses would be on their way!

So I dragged the wife along to John Lewis to see if I could get my hands on a special dress and take in the action. I tried on the Coronation Prom dress which was the one I had my eye on but when I tried it on annoyingly it didn’t do that much for me.


I also tried the 1954 Lucienne Day dress and it was the collar that helped me decide to take this home with me. After all it was a special event I needed a dress to mark the occasion.  Hope you agree, that it’s very sweet.

They have lots of other pieces to mark the event, here are a few other bits I liked.

Last but not least if you havn’t seen the advert they created for the 150 years it’s a must and shows why this British institution is still going strong 150 years after it first hit the streets.

Do you like John Lewis? Have you bought anything from the 150 year collection?




5 thoughts on “John Lewis goes Vintage

  1. Im afraid our closest John Lewis is 45 miles away in Edinburgh so we dont get in that often! We do live in the sticks here in Fife!

  2. I think you made the right decision with the Lucienne Day dress – it is so much better for you than the Coronation Prom dress (maybe it’s the collar, but I also think it’s the colour^^).
    Greetings, Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy, it’s sometime hard when you have had your heart set on something and when you go to try it on you know it doesn’t do anything for you! The blue dress has already been worn and I think was a good pick. X

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