4 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. Bet yours isnt the lost Boys either!Looks like you had a really nice day for the event too. The spring like weather is still a little bit inconsistent up here making it really difficult to decide what to take to the vintage fairs! As for opposites attract, hubby and I are like chalk and cheese in many ways but my daughter and I are alike so we gang up on him and often get our own way when listening to music in the car or watching TV programmes! And back to Paula Abdul – my daughter just discovered “Vibeology” which I loved in the early 90s – remember that one?

    1. No your right it wasn’t! However I did buy that for her.

      As for the weather it was so nice last week and now it’s back to almost winter wear, classic British weather! By the way I had a girl this week email me about a vintage fair at Glasgow University I gave her your details as I know you are a little closer than I am!

      Love that your daughter likes Paula Abdul, just watched the YouTube video for that song and oh my a lot of shoulder pads going on!

  2. Completely the opposite! If ever there were opposites it’s us! I like pop and he likes bands like slipknot – eek! Thanks for the latest post – never heard of this so will keep an eye out for it!

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