High Street Vintage

Like my new dress? Would you believe it’s not vintage?

Yes, this beauty is my new Laura Ashley dress straight from the High Street shop itself, I love it.

Before now I have only ever owned second hand Laura Ashley dresses which I have found in charity shops. Normally it’s the fabric which draws me to the garment to start with and often even if the cut isn’t right I purchase them anyway in the hope that one day I will create something amazing with the floral fabric, when I learn to sew (it’s on the list!).

The same thing happened with the new dress, it was the fabric which made me want to try it on. It was so soft and pretty.

As soon as I saw the label I knew why I had been drawn to the dress. It’s part of a collection based on fabric and designs from the Laura Ashley archive – how cool is that! When I asked the sales assistance more about the collection and was Laura Ashley celebrating something special this year. Even better, she explained they do a collection like this every year! Where had I been? Oh yes, I know in the charity shops looking for the originals.

I brought the dress, it wasn’t cheap but knew the perfect event to wear it too and I thought why not.

As you all know I love to shop in charity shops and enjoy finding a gem at vintage fairs to add to my wardrobe (which at present doesn’t close). So it’s not very often I buy from the high street. Give me a cobbled street any day and I will always pick it over a shopping centre but I was pleased I came across this collection and will be looking out for it in the future.

The wife and I spent the best part of a full day shopping at a local shopping centre when I got this dress and was surprised by how much the high street could offer someone like myself (in fact I brought a few more things, surprise surprise!). I know some of you out there wouldn’t dream of wearing anything other than vintage  but I have always liked to mix up old, new and random alike and wouldn’t want the idea of me loving vintage to stop me being open minded enough to maybe find something amazing to add to my collection that wasn’t.

So there you have it a wonderful vintage inspired piece from the High street. Only draw back is since buying the dress it has gone down in the sale and there is always the possibility someone else maybe wearing it at an event but I couldn’t leave it in the shop. It had to come home with me!

So I wore the dress to the Christening of baby Olivia, along with a head piece my talented friend made for me years ago.

No one else had the dress on and it seemed I matched the cake! It was a successful first outing in my new dress.

Would you add ‘new’ to your wardrobe?


7 thoughts on “High Street Vintage

  1. You look so lovely in that dress. The print is beautiful and the pink accessoires are a perfect match (even a match with the cake^^)
    Greets, Sandy

  2. Hello gorgeous! Really great dress, vintage or no, and you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to have a dress you don’t need to worry about repairing.

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