Happy 1st Birthday

 Yes, it’s Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies one year birthday!

I can’t believe this is my 70th post, I have managed to keep this blog going for a year now! In this time I have made new friends from all over the world, taken part in 2 blog swaps and got to share my love of vintage for 365 glorious days. It’s not a bad life but someone has to do it!

The wife has been roped into being my photographer whether she likes it or not and has also become a ‘blog widow’ from time to time. My mobile phone now has more photos on than I know what you do with (as my camera stopped working on holiday in Florida and I have never bothered to get it fixed). Perhaps most importantly I can now (attempt) to justify any desired purchase with …..’but I could put it on the blog!’ Good for my wardrobe, not so good for my purse.

When my laptop died a few months ago I found myself totally lost without it, which may be a good or bad thing. I may not have set the blogging world on fire but I hope the people who do find my site enjoy what I say.

A few of the things I set out to do on the blog have been harder than I thought they would be. My biggest aim was to try to bring physical media onto my blog (after all I am an old school girl) and not use anyone else’s images or content. This has been hard at times when I have seen something I wanted to share but if I have been unable to get a photo myself I haven’t written about it. My photos are not cutting edge but the fact I can even update WordPress with my own pictures is pretty cutting edge for someone like me so that’s an achievement in itself and something I never thought I could do over a year ago!

Blogging has given me a great amount of joy and a chance to have a voice I didn’t know I wanted to share. I have had a lot of support with my blog and it’s given me the confidence to give it a go.

I know I said at 6 months I was going to set up an online shop but with changes in my day-to-day life some of the blog aims have had to take a step back, plus I really do like meeting people at Vintage fairs and so am still a little torn about it!

So thanks to you all for being on the journey of Mrs Fox’s with me and who knows what the next year will bring?


15 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday

  1. Congratulations on your first year! It’s been great following since the beginning and watching the blog get better and better.
    Good luck with the next year, I know it will be a really successful one. Xxx

  2. Congratulations^^ The last picture ist adorabel – but then, they are all great. You’re such a joyful person and it shows on your blog^^ Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings, Sandy

  3. I am a little late, but still: Congratulations! I love to read your blog and though I run really low chances of running into you at a vintage fair, living in Switzerland, I still haven’t given up hope!
    All the best for your blog and your business!

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