Girls’ weekend away

Last weekend my best friend and I went to Macclesfield for a girls’ treat in the form of a vintage fair and Spa (with some cocktails thrown in!).

I hadn’t been to the area before but with a vintage fair on at the local town hall (which is so pretty) – how could we not!

It’s safe to say, at the moment this photo was taken I had been up since 6 am, no cake was in sight and it was nearly 11 am. So the last thing I wanted to do was drag my over night bag along with me.

I do sometimes wish I had made it big enough to have someone carry my bags. Not sure in what way big, but big somehow!

As soon as we saw this lovely lady in pink we knew we had made the fair.

Being the first fair outside the south that I had been to in awhile, it was a good way for me to look out for any great ideas I could maybe use and of course do some shopping, after all it was a girls holiday. I loved the way a stall holder made these below:


I liked this prom dress but was more on the look out for day dresses on this trip.

Saw lots of bits and bobs I thought were cool like this clock and vintage peg set. I got very jealous when I saw these drawers used as part of “bolandbygones” display.

Once we had done a circuit around the fair (to check out what we wanted to try on later) and I had got myself a new hat (oh yes, it’s fab if I do say so!) we made time for tea and cake – at last.

I do need cake when shopping…

The cake was amazing and was very large. Thanks Cakeing bakeing.

Once I was well fed it was shopping time…

We saw some great pieces and did some very classy vintage style trying on in the disabled toilets, how glamorous!   We both fell in love with these dresses from the same stall holder.

When we went to talk to the stall holder and do the classic vintage haggling (as one does), the whole trip changed. Not only was she really rude and her prices for these pieces too high, she said that she didn’t have to sell them and would be happy to just take them home. I was just so taken aback with her attitude. Whatever happened to good customer service? My friend and I were both left cold and it wasn’t until I found a friendly local Charity shop that I felt happy again.

For me vintage fairs are not only a chance to find some great pieces for my wardrobe and treat myself but they are also a way of meeting like-minded people. I am afraid to say that this stall holder should not be selling vintage. Yes, on the whole her clothes were nice, but wanting the amount she did for the dresses when they had marks on them, didn’t look washed or ironed was mad. There was no way my friend and I were going to part with £150 + between us. After all I was not in London and thought paying through the nose was just crazy. It was sad as we both wanted all the dresses but I think if I had bought them, every time I wore them I would have remembered how rude she was. I will not go on any more but I am sure you can tell after that it was game over for the Decorative fair in Macclesfield.

I did however walk away with my new hat and these two amazing dresses but it could have been 4!

To get over the rude stall holder as soon as we got to the hotel it was time for a drink.

The hotel was wonderful and we spent the afternoon taking about life and customer service or the lack of. (I was having trouble letting it go!).

My friend outside Mottram Hall

We spent the rest of the trip eating and talking. It was so nice.

So there you have it – the highs and lows of a girly trip away.

Have you ever been left feeling cold at a vintage fair before? How did you deal with it?

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