Brooch bouquets for Becky

A while back I had my brooch bouquets on display at a local cafe, No: 84. On the back of this I was contacted by the lovely Becky who was looking for a bouquet for herself and her two bridesmaids.

I can now share the finished results with you all as the wedding was at the end of February. It was great fun creating these bouquets for her and collecting all the pieces to go in it. But I did feel the pressure to make sure I got it right!

Becky was looking for a metal / grey effect for her bouquet with a girly twist. It also needed to fit with her very cool Audrey Hepburn inspired dress and her shoes (you don’t have to tell me how much shoes can rule an outfit, my whole wedding was based on a pair!). Check out the outfit. 

She also requested both hers and her future husband’s initials to be included in the bouquet. I got there in the end with this one and made sure they were not too big but big enough so that she knew they were in there.

So when she picked it up I was so pleased to see her face and how happy she was (I was so relieved).

And here she is looking wonderful and happy. I really liked this image she sent me and if you look you can spot the bouquet happy with the cake!

It was so nice to get to know Becky throughout the process of making her bouquets and hearing all her plans for the special day. To be asked to be part of it was an honor but it didn’t stop there! I was also asked to make two more for two very different but equally special little girls.

The first one I was asked to follow these key words – yellow and dogs. So this is what I came up with.


I decided that I wanted to make the girls bouquets match Becky’s a little, therefore I used silver to tie everything together. I used some fun dog buttons to get the dog theme in and of course went girly. 

The second bouquet’s key words were – pink and butterflies.  I really enjoyed making this one.

I used ribbon that was the same for both girls but in different colors, again so they matched a little.

I think this one turned out well, hope you agree.

So there you have it. One happy Mrs Fox’s customer. I was so pleased to have been able to help.

Here are some pictures of Becky’s day, thanks for letting me share these Becky, and a big and very heartfelt congratulations from me. 

Given you any ideas?

10 thoughts on “Brooch bouquets for Becky

  1. Wow they are gorgeous! And i love what the bride is wearing. The great thing about the bouquets are they are a lovely momento you can keep. If i ever get married……………..x

  2. All bouquets look gorgeous. I love the bride’s one. It’s so shiny and classy. It matches her really well – and I love her dress. And I really like the pink girly one – even though I don’t really like pink. But all those brooches and buttons look fantastic. Great job, Mrs. Fox^^
    Love, Sandy

  3. Wow, they really look wonderful, you did a great job! And I love the idea of your bouquets, a lovely alternative to standard flowers.
    How long do you need to collect and make such a bouquet?
    I mean, we don’t have a wedding date yet but a little planning beforehand can’t be bad 😉

    1. I think its good to just start keeping an eye out for pieces you like and putting them to one side. Its fun looking for the treasurers and once you start you will get an idea of what will look good together. So nice to hear a wedding is on the cards! Looking forward to the updates and let me know how you get on with the bouquet fun. x

  4. These look so awesome! It looks like you really channelled the spirit of the wedding– really, really well done!

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