Some vintage TLC

As some of my Facebook followers will have noticed last week I did a little bit (OK it was actually quite a bit) of shopping, – you only live once!

I decided to go and see my family for a few days to have some TLC, which of course included some vintage. My Nana and Granadad have retired but they are always saying how busy they are.  After spending only a few days with them I can see why. They don’t stop, I was tired just keeping up with them!

I got to see my Nana’s friend who we used to go shopping with when I was younger and is part of the reason you can’t keep me out of a charity shop or vintage fair now. Any excuse for a good old shop!

I found a great vintage shop called Vintage Vixen and I may not have bought anything but there was lots to tempt me!

My Grandad had a nice talk with another man in the shop about record players, I think I must get my talking to anyone and everyone from him! Met the owner of the shop and if you look in the mirror you can see my Grandad in action!

It was really nice to see a vintage shop in Newark as there wasn’t one when I a teenager, which may have been a good thing for my already well worn purse, even back then.

They had these on display I wasn’t sure what I thought of them but had to take a picture…

The new shops in the area didn’t stop there. I found myself in Boolavard Beautique and wasn’t too naughty, only got one dress. In fact one I have had my eye on for a while and will be showing this off soon. 

I could have easily got more but I think the wife may have had something to say about it if I had, and not in a good way. It was bad enough that I left her at home to go to work alone while I went off to play!

I also picked up some lace which I thought was sweet and a knitting book.

In between all that shopping and catching up with people I also fitted in some ballroom dancing. I used my Nana’s shoes as we are blessed with the same size feet.

Had a quick lesson on how to set up my sewing machine and loaned some patterns.


If all this wasn’t enough, I finished my mini Lisa break by going to The Classic Car Boot sale on the Southbank with the wife at the weekend. With the sun shining it was glorious and unsurprisingly really busy.

Saw some fab cars, I can’t wait to pass my test, although have been told I am not allowed a vintage car. Still I take this refusal as another of life’s challenges to be overcome, I had better start practicing my powers of persuasion!


I got to meet the amazingly talent lady behind Vintage Attitude.  A blog I follow but to see her creations in real life was fab. I bought an amazing dress which I will be showing off soon, I could have bought more and in fact spent the rest of the day saying how great her pieces are. I think this maybe a start to a whole new collection in my wardrobe .


Saw some fun ways of showing off clothing on cars.


Fell in love with this cushion by Annie Sparkles, going on the birthday list – hint wife.

I was pleased I went to check it out, you never know if I can find a vintage car I may trade there next time!

After all that it was time for a cup of tea. Done any shopping yourself recently?


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