A magazine with a Vintage View

I came across a new magazine last week and knew I had to share it with you all! I don’t want you going about your life with out it!

It’s the first edition of A Vintage View which has been brought out by Woman’s Weekly. It’s made up entirely of content from their archive issues from the past. The work that has gone into this is amazing and is a must to read. With vintage adverts:

Funny tips to help you on your day-to-day life:

And so much more…..

This is a must to add to your collection of magazines. If you’re anything like me, adding a new magazine to my already out of control subscription list. IS a big deal but one I am ready to do.

With 10 editions coming out, it’s going to keep me busy. Let me know if any of you are ahead of me on this one? Are you in love too?

Really liked this page!


2 thoughts on “A magazine with a Vintage View

  1. Ooh, love it! That’d be a great way, actually, to get the ads and tips from old magazines without worrying about tearing or otherwise ruining them!

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