Blog swap worth the wait

You may remember that last year I did a blog swap with Katie from the US. So when I was asked if I wanted to do the swap again how could I resist? After all I love getting gifts! This time I got paired with Martyna of Spoolish who is based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I took this as a sign because it was her blog piece about a swap she had undertaken with Buttons and Birdcages that got me involved in the first place.

Martyna is a fan of second hand shopping and scrabble so I knew I would have fun getting her some gifts. I was really pleased with what I got her (if I do say so myself) but when I got to the post office to send it on it’s journey I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I was told the price.  It turned out Martyna also had the painful moment when her package was weighed and the large delivery fee became clear. The joy of old school! We both also missed the deadline to go live with the other bloggers as our packages took so long to get to us!

It was well worth it when I got an email from Martyna saying how much she loved her gifts. To see what I got her check out her piece.

As for what I got I was so lucky. Everything was wrapped in different paper (which I loved), with typewriter cryptic messages of what was inside (how cool).  She really got me.

Look at all my goodies! Here was what was inside:

1) I got this amazing note book that says inside ‘Ideas. Thoughts. Opinions. Take note of what matters’. I really like the image she used on the wrapping, I may try and reuse this for something. 


2) Martyna sent me some really nice stationary, all girly colours. Again great wrapping. 


3) I got this really small hand warmer, I have never seen these before. Will come in handy (get it!- ok bad joke). When I saw the paper it was in I couldn’t stop laughing. ‘No dream is too big!’   


4) When I opened this gift I was so happy. They are so nice and say they were made in Hungary, of wool and rayon. Looking forward to wearing these.

5) Martyna explained that the tea she sent me called ‘Canadian Eh?’ was made by a local young entrepreneur in her home town. I really like the packaging and I will let you know what I think of the tea when I have some, probably with a nice chocolate biscuit, for dunking, naturally.

6) I got a bag full of ‘Sparkly stuff’. I really like the pink brooch and my Max Factor card is going in a frame in my ‘Mrs Fox’s room’.

7) This blazer is so much fun! I now have a whole new outfit! Thanks Martyna.

So all in all I did really well out of the swap and got to know Martyna a bit more. Thanks so much Martyna for all the work you put into the gifts for me. Check out the other bloggers in the swap:

If you would like to get involved next time, let me know. Which gift did you like the best that Martyna got me?
I also got this!
I also got this!

11 thoughts on “Blog swap worth the wait

    1. Hi You, It was easy showing of the gifts as I love them all so much! Thanks for all your hard work you put into them. I am sure you are going to see some of the pieces being worn on the blog. Thanks for a great piece about what I sent you on your blog also, glad it got to you in the end! x

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