Antique window shopping

This weekend as a treat my amazing wife took me to the Detling International Antiques & Collectors’ Fair. We’ve been to this fair before but not for a while. The first time we went we stumbled upon it by mistake and it was a lucky mistake at that. With over 500 exhibitors indoors and out it’s a great way to spend a Sunday. It also gave me a chance to wear yet another new dress I brought a few weeks ago.

There was lots to see. Here are some pictures of a few things that caught our eye and pieces I thought I would share with you all.

We found these amazing up-cycled chairs by Lady Norfolk & Lord Rust. The wife fell in love with the patchwork one and is something I think we may aim to save for. It just may take a while as I’m a bit of a spendthrift!

We both loved this globe bar but just couldn’t think where we would be able to put it. Although it was very tempting we were saved from ourselves by another lucky buyer who snapped it up.

Meet the lovely Deborah of Compactqueen who had a great collection of vintage bags that were displayed expertly. She also told us all about Frock Me! in London which I will be checking out (to the wife’s eternal joy).

It seems I’m not alone in the love of cutting and pasting, I found these two examples of work from others who clearly love to snip and stick. Someone had also covered suitcases which I thought was a good idea.

I tried these fabulous sunglasses on but the price was a bit too high for little old me, especially as I would have had to get prescription lenses to prevent being as blind as a bat. Still am glad I managed to get a picture!

Like I said there was a lot to see.

I also saw a few Foxes so photos were a must!

We had a really nice few hours out but we didn’t buy anything. This is unheard for me but sometimes its worth saving for something you really want like the chair by Lady Norfolk & Lord Rust.

So thanks to the wife for a nice trip out and wish us luck with saving!

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