Cheap frills

Last week I got my hands on a new dress but couldn’t take photos to show you all as the weather has been so bad. So when the sun came out yesterday, I made the most of it! Even got the sunglasses out…..

The dress was a bargain and as it was a classic St Michael there was no way I could leave it. I was drawn to the frills of the dress and somehow it reminded me of watching Little House on the Prairie when I was younger.

It did come with a black belt but I replaced it with a red one that belonged to my Grandma, I think she would have liked the dress.

The coat is A Ladimode Model swing coat which feels great on and will be for sale at my next vintage fair (which is next week!).

The wife wasn’t sure what I was doing adding the belt over the coat but I was pleased with the effect.

I will be making the most of this new dress as from March I am starting a new money saving challenge which I will be telling you all about in a few weeks and so no more new clothes for me!

So happy the sun was out this weekend. Any of you wear something new?


8 thoughts on “Cheap frills

  1. That dress is very striking ! I bought a new dress yesterday but only because I had a bad passport pic taking experience. 😦 Looking forward to hearing about your new quest. Liking your foxy background by the way!

    1. Do tell about your new dress.

      Sorry to hear about passport picture not going to well, I don’t think anyone looks like themselves in them. It’s the lighting I think, well I tell myself that after my last one as I look about 12 in it. At least getting a new passport photo normally means the planning of a holiday!

      1. Yes holidays are getting planned. Iceland is booked! Possibly Paris in July but that isn’t definate.My dress isn’t vintage but i do like it.Its daisy print. Dress and offending passport pics are up on my blog as I recently did a photo an hour post.

  2. Similar problem here – quite a lot of stock to photograph but the lighting has been awful so struggling. Looked lovely down south yesterday at least! Up here it was wind swept and wet – again! Love the dress and the whole ensemble looks great inc red belt on blue coat. We were in Manchester for a few days – if you ever visit the Northern Quarter is amazing. Afflecks arcade has four floors of vintage, curioos and retro stuff. There are vintage shops like a tip and beautiful vintage shops. So Lola and I had a ball. I bought a smart grey vintage dress suit from Oxfam Vintage shop – Ill try to get a pic of it. Lola ws restrained as shes saving for T in the Park . Ill be wearing it this Saturday for our St Andrews fair so hoping for a busy day and hoping the weather will be kind too. After all it will be March. Tata

    1. So nice to hear from you, seems like you have been really busy. Afflecks arcade sounds like Mr Credit Card would need to come out. I am in fact going on a girls weekend next month to Macclesfield all based around a vintage fair so well let you know if I get any good finds!

      Looking forward to seeing your suit, I do like wearing a classic suit!

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