This week I received an amazing gift,  an expertly drawn picture of a vintage lady from a (very talented) friend’s daughter. I havn’t been given a drawing since I was a holiday entertainer back in my early twenty’s. Back then I used to get pictures of me with curly blonde hair, usually armed microphone in my hand!

I received the picture as a thank you for giving Emily, who is 10 years old, a book on how to style vintage hair. This all came about when my friend explained that she needed to learn how to do vintage head scarves as her daughter Emily wanted to start wearing them.  I of course was pleased (and secretly thrilled) to help.

Emily’s interest in vintage began a few months ago when she had a dressing up day at school and had to dress in the style from the 1950s or 1960s. Before I knew it I was dropping off one of my fab Vivien of Holloway underskirts along with white socks and headscarf for her. When I got the picture of her all dressed up looking so happy as a mini rock and roll lady I was glad that I had been able to help. Since then it’s been vintage all the way for her!

It seems the book went down really well but my friend is a little worried that she now needs to learn how to do victory roles as Emily interest has grown and grown!

I am so happy I got to help Emily begin her vintage journey and who knows where it will go for her. As she saves her pocket money ahead of her first vintage fair in a few weeks time, I hope vintage brings as much joy to her as it does to me. It’s a wonderful world to be part of where people are all different and interesting days out are always round the corner.

Do you remember the first time you started liking vintage?

Was there someone who helped you catch the bug?

For me it was something that happened over years and at the time I didn’t even know it was called vintage, I just knew I liked second hand clothes and the old smell (I still do)!

So as I put my new picture from Emily on my fridge I smile to myself. You never know I may have a new sales assistant for my next vintage fair!

4 thoughts on “Emily

  1. This is so great! I love the picture Emily drew and that she is into vintage at such a young age. I think my interest grew mostly out of nostalgia for things I remember from when I was young.

  2. This is the cutest thing. It’s so awesome she’s developed such an early interest! At ten, I think I was only interested in… I don’t even know, maybe just my Cabbage Patch Kid?

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