Vintage shopping before pay day!

This Saturday I went to the Rochester Flea Market and dragged the rest of the family along as well. I hadn’t been able to get a pitch at the fair as it was fully booked so thought I would check it out and of course do some shopping! My top buy of the day was this vintage knitted pullover, I love it.

I blame Kate of Maison Bentley Style for this buy, I saw on her blog last week some great vintage knitting patterns and that reminded me of ones I had. All of this must have been on the brain as when I saw this pullover I knew I had to get it – thanks to the wife for giving me some pocket money!

I got it from “Barclay’s of Rochester” stall, check out the owner:

Here are some pictures of the fair:

The sheet music was on a stall called “Dolly Sisters”.

If this had been the letter ‘L’ I may have had to buy it – Edwin & Gray.

I had a nice catch up with Artist Emily Haines who does illustrations of Foxes! She had some fun Valentines cards.

I also managed to get this girly apron with my pocket money. Now washed and ironed, it’s come up wonderful and yes, we all know I don’t cook and just buy aprons but I had to get this as the fabric was so fun.

So all in all a nice trip out and I spotted a dress I am going to save for:

Now all the shopping is done and I have got paid, I had better pay everyone back!

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