Singing in the rain

With the weather being rubbish at the moment, and the fact that it’s dark not only when I totter down to the station in the morning but also when I wearily walk back home, I decided I would rebel against the winter weather in the only way I know how. I would wear my new vintage summer dress!

The way I see it is if I dress like it’s not winter then it must be summer! OK so I may get wet and cold but I think once in a while it’s good for the soul. I’m a summer baby and for me it’s the best time of the year. It’s my way of laughing in the face of winter. HA!

I picked this dress up a few weeks ago, the label is ‘California’ and I like the tag line on the label.

It’s a little big but I really like the fabric and knew it would work well dressed up or down. This is the ‘secretary look’ I went for this week but made sure I also had a granny slip on as well to keep warm.

The belt is sweet and the collar is a big feature which I like.

It did rain when I went to do my photos (of course, thanks again British weather) but it made it Ok as I had my new girly vintage dress on and thought maybe a little song would work well too to try and get rid of the rain.

So there you have it a summer dress in January. Would you?

4 thoughts on “Singing in the rain

  1. I’m doing “winter white” today, otherwise known as “I bought this awesome white skirt *a single week* before Labor Day, I am not waiting until Easter to wear it again!” Rules are made to be broken!

  2. A beautiful dress. I love how you paired it with these boots.
    And yes, totally agree. Wore a black skirt and short sleeved cashmere pullover to work a few days ago and everyone asked me if I already had summer. “ehem, sorry, it is a pullover, it does keep warm!” Or maybe wearing a skirt in january is too uncommon. kind of sad…it’s a jeans world.

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